June 29, 2016 01:30 PM

Ali Fedotowsky is off of bed rest and ready for her little girl!

The former Bachelorette, 31, is expecting her first child with fiancé Kevin Manno in July. And to prepare for her daughter’s arrival, she worked with celebrity nursery designer Vanessa Antonelli to create the perfect blush-and-cream space for her baby girl.

“During our first meeting, Ali was adamant that her style was not super girly, but after a quick look at the rest of her home, which she decorated, I knew exactly what she’d like,” Antonelli tells PEOPLE about her inspiration behind the room.

She adds, “The room has so many incredible details that come together to make it complete — like the custom furniture by Romina, the bunny ears on the closet hardware by LA Closet Design, the subtle sparkles in the Graham and Brown wallpaper and the ‘Endure’ artwork created by Petal Lane in Ali’s grandmother’s handwriting.”

Christine Farah Photography

Christine Farah Photography

PEOPLE: How are you?

Ali: Hanging in there! I feel like this baby is gonna come out any day now, so I’m hanging in there. Everyone tells me my baby is gonna come early, but then end up coming three weeks late.

PEOPLE: Do you think you’ll make it to your due date?

Ali: My doctor does not think that I’ll go late. She thinks if anything I’ll go early, so I’m just gonna take the professional opinion and go with that.

Christine Farah Photography

PEOPLE: Tell us about the nursery — what was the inspiration behind the design?

Ali: Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. It’s really more than we could have ever dreamed up or thought up. Neither Kevin nor I are really good with design — I definitely lack in that category — so getting to work with Vanessa was an honor and we were just so thankful because we wouldn’t have been able to do what she did.

Ashley and J.P. [Rosenbaum] worked with Vanessa and I had seen their nursery when they had Ford a few years ago, and I just loved it so much. When we found out we were pregnant, I knew I wanted her to design the nursery and she did such a good job.

PEOPLE: Tell us about the wall featuring thousands of silk roses!

Ali: The whole room was really designed around that wall. Vanessa was visiting L.A. and came to see the room and said, “Hear me out here, what do you think about a flower wall with thousands of flowers?” I sat there for like 0.2 seconds and I was like, “I love it!” I was on board right away.

It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve never seen it in a nursery before. People ask how we are gonna dust it, but it’s actually up there very securely — Kevin installed it — and you just take a vacuum to it. It’s my favorite thing in the room. When Kevin put it up — because it arrived in all these panels that had to be put up on the wall — I told him to make sure he put the panels up with the staples in the same place in each one so we can remove it easily when we move because I’m not leaving this flower wall.

Christine Farah Photography

PEOPLE: He did it all himself?

Ali: He did! He did such a good job. I put a lot of my trust in Vanessa and knew she would do an amazing job, but I didn’t know what it would look like. I told her I wanted blushes and cream, but I was very specific about no pink — I wanted blush, but no pink.

When it arrived, I opened the box and I was blown away and couldn’t wait to get it up. At that point, I had already been put on modified bed rest, so as soon as Kevin got home I asked him to put it up because I was so excited. Honestly, one of my favorite memories is just putting together this room together — putting up the flower wall and getting excited for our daughter and talking about the future. It’s a special time.

There are two things in here that are personal to Kevin and me. There are framed art on the wall and one says “Endure” by Petal Lane, which is a direct copy of my tattoo with a quote from my grandmother, so I love that that’s in my room because we’re bringing in family.

We also have these adorable colored blocks that say “Mookie,” and people are like, “Is your baby gonna be named Mookie?” I’m like, “No!” The baby’s name is not going to be Mookie, it’s just a name we gave her in the beginning before we knew if she was gonna be a boy or a girl because Kevin’s dad always used to joke with him that if his name wasn’t Kevin it would be Mookie.

Kevin keeps joking that I’m going to steal her closest from her and move all my clothes into her closet because I love it so, so much. It has a rose gold mirror in the back of it. Lisa Adams from L.A. Closet Design designed it, and she did Kris Jenner‘s closet, so I feel like my daughter is kind of baller. I’ve heard stories when daughters get older and share clothes with their moms, but I’m gonna be like, “Can I share a closet with you because I’m obsessed.”

Christine Farah Photography

PEOPLE: Will the baby sleep in the nursery or will she co-sleep?

Ali: First, right now, there is a bumper in the crib, but it will be coming up once she sleeps in there. There will be nothing in the crib when she’s sleeping in there.

She’ll be sleeping in our room at night for the first six months, but during the day from the get-go she’ll nap in her nursery because I heard if you don’t have them sleep in the nursery from early on, they won’t like it later. We have blackout curtains around the windows, so she’ll nap in here during the day.

Christine Farah Photography

PEOPLE: Was Kevin involved in the design?

Ali: How it would work is Vanessa would find something and she would email me and I would look at it, but I would always run it by Kevin. Kevin didn’t say “I want this” or “I want that” — he was really open to whatever — and he left it up to Vanessa and me, but I always ran everything by him. He was a little skeptical about the flower wall at first, but he loves it now and thinks it’s so pretty and perfect for a little girl.

Christine Farah Photography

PEOPLE: Have your fellow Bachelor moms given you advice on any must-have product or one they never used?

Ali: Trista Sutter reached out because I posted a question about swaddling — I heard you should swaddle from some people and that you shouldn’t swaddle from others — so she saw the post and immediately reached out to me and gave me advice about. She said when you have the baby and you’re in the hospital take total advantage of the nurses, and that if I have to sleep for a couple hours in between feedings to let the nurses take the baby, and to really utilize them while they’re there because I’m not gonna have them for that long.

It’s just been a lot of excitement and encouragement, and a lot of the Bachelor ladies are all pregnant right now, so we’re all learning from each other and discussing with each other what we’re all going through. I think it’s so exciting that we’re all pregnant.

Christine Farah Photography

PEOPLE: How are you feeling now?

Ali: I can say that I’m better and it’s all so great and wonderful, but it’s, honestly, been tough. Now that I’m 38 weeks, I’m no longer on bed rest. If anything, my doctor is like, “Go out there and start walking and get that baby out.”

Now that I’m okay to have the baby, she’s giving the green light to do anything I want to naturally induce this baby, so I’m trying it all from spicy food to Chinese food. There’s this salad in Studio City at this restaurant that supposedly induces labor so I went and got that, the birthing ball, acupuncture — I’ve tried it all in the past couple days! The good thing about all of those things is that you won’t have the baby unless she’s ready, so it’s just a little push if she wants it.

— Nicole Sands

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