Ali Fedotowsky-Manno shared before-and-after snaps on Instagram this week, showing off her "loose skin" after giving birth to her second child

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is proudly showing off her postpartum body.

She and husband Kevin Manno became parents of two in May 2018 when they, alongside now-2½-year-old daughter Molly Sullivan, welcomed the addition of baby boy Riley Doran. And the former Bachelorette, 34, posted before-and-after snaps of her pregnant belly to Instagram this week.

“It’s crazy to think this was my body 10 months ago,” Fedotowsky-Manno wrote on Instagram, captioning a photo of her midsection during and after pregnancy.

“Look at that belly! … I knew I had a larger than average belly when I was pregnant with Riley (because he was a big baby and because I had Polyhydramnios). But I don’t think I realized just how big I was.”

“So why [on] earth would I think my body should bounce back to a flat tummy 10 months after THIS? Not only is my tummy not flat, but I have a large flap of loose skin that I don’t think [is] ever going to go away. And you know what, that’s OK,” the blogger and mother of two continued.


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Ali Fedotowsky-Manno
| Credit: Ali Fedotowsky/Instagram

“To be 100% honest with you guys I actually kind of like my loose skin,” she wrote. “That’s the honest truth. That isn’t to say that a year from now I won’t change my mind and want to do something about it but right now it feels like a badge of honor.”

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Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and family
| Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty

“I earned this loose skin,” Fedotowsky-Manno continued. “I gave everything my body has to offer to bring two beautiful humans into this world! That’s not something I should feel ashamed of, [that’s] something I should feel empowered by!”

“So every time I look at my tummy I remind myself to feel strength, power, and sacrifice,” wrote the proud mom. “And in the end, I’m left with the greatest gift — two beautiful children and the family I’ve always DREAMED of.” Fedotowsky-Manno/Instagram
Ali Fedotowsky-Manno
| Credit: Ali Fedotowsky-Manno/Instagram

“I hope that when YOU look in the mirror today, you feel the same respect and love when you see the person staring back at you,” she addressed her fans in conclusion. “How we perceive ourselves is either our greatest strength or weakness. Work towards making it your strength!”

In February, Fedotowsky-Manno opened up to PEOPLE about how she and husband Manno, 35, are adjusting to becoming parents a second time.

“Our relationship’s still not the same,” the former reality star admitted. “We have two kids 2 and under and we don’t do date nights nearly as much as we should.”

Ali Fedotowsky shot at home with her family including the new baby
Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and family
| Credit: Ashley Burns Photography

Fedotowsky-Manno joked that she and her husband are “still not having as many make-out sessions” as they had before they became parents — and says they “never fought” in their childless days.

“Since kids, we fight,” she divulged. “Over stupid things, like what time somebody put Molly down for her nap — ‘Did you put her down a half hour too early?!’ ”

“And we’re still working on our relationship, but our relationship’s solid, it’s awesome,” said Fedotowsky-Manno. “I know it’s going to get to a more romantic place [again eventually].”