May 13, 2016 12:06 PM

Two Bachelor babies are on the way!

In the June issue of Fit Pregnancy and Baby, good friends Ali Fedotowsky and Catherine Giudici Lowe, who competed on separate seasons of the reality series and are both due in early July, open up about their vastly different pregnancies.

Fedotowsky reveals that she and fiancé Kevin Manno were actively trying to get pregnant.

“After two months of trying, I had a chemical pregnancy, which was a huge disappointment. Afterward, I just wanted a baby so badly — nothing about that time was romantic,” she says. “When I finally got a positive result, I jumped around the house, listening to Justin Bieber‘s ‘Baby.’ ”

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Giudici, however, wasn’t expecting to get pregnant. In fact, she only found out when she took a pregnancy test on a whim and husband Sean Lowe peeked at the results.

“He said, ‘Baby, it’s negative,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, I thought so.’ Then he said, ‘And by negative, I mean positive,’ ” Giudici, 30, remembers. “Then we both looked at each other and had no idea what to do or say. Finally, I said, ‘Want to watch TV?’ “

She adds: “Inside, I was thinking, ‘Oh, crap, we’ve got to be adults now.’ ”

Cheyenne Ellis

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Both women have also experienced pregnancy completely differently.

“I’ve been tired, and I was so nauseated during my first trimester that I lost eight pounds,” Fedotowsky, 31, reveals. “I only ate rice toast, bagels with cream cheese and clementines.”

Giudici’s pregnancy, however, has been smooth sailing from the start.

“I’ve been really blessed to have no symptoms,” she says. “I forget all the time that I’m pregnant, except for the fact that there’s a belly in my way.”

Cheyenne Ellis

The reality stars are even split on how prepared they are for motherhood.

“I’m ready to have a baby, but I’m also aware that I have no idea what that entails,” Fedotowsky says. “Whenever I have a holy-crap moment, Kevin calms me down. He says, ‘We’re so ready. I want the baby here today.’ “

For Giudici, “there’s not one ounce of me that’s ready. We haven’t done a single thing to prepare for the fact that we’re bringing a new human into our house and lives. Instead, we’re relishing our time together and doing whatever we want while we still can, like taking naps and bingeing on Netflix.”

Cheyenne Ellis

And although both women can agree on how fun it was to be photographed together for the magazine, each claims the other is the more adorable mom-to-be.

“Ali’s carrying so much cuter than me,” Giudice says. “She’s taller than me.”

To which Fedotowsky replies: “Catherine, you’re nuts. You’re the cutest pregnant person ever.”

— Andrea Park

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