Ali Fedotowsky Is 'Not Doing As Well' As She'd Like on Modified Bed Rest: 'I'm Upset That I Can't Do Chores'

"I want to be like, 'I'm great! Everything is fine!' But I'm not," the former Bachelorette star tells PEOPLE

Ali Fedotowsky is expecting her first child — a daughter — in July with fiancé Kevin Manno. But instead of wanting to kick back and relax, the mom-to-be is itching to be up and about prepping for her little girl’s arrival.

One problem: She’s on modified bed rest.

“I want to be like, ‘I’m great! Everything is fine!’ But I’m not,” the former Bachelorette, 31, toldPEOPLE Sunday at the Children Mending Hearts 8th Annual Fundraiser Empathy Rocks, held at Christina Aguilera‘s Beverly Hills, California, home.

“I’m not doing as well as I would like to be doing,” she says, adding that her doctor’s bed rest orders have prevented her from carrying out tasks she wants to be taking on before her daughter’s arrival.

“I’m upset that I can’t do chores, but at the end of the day we are so grateful to have this baby — and it’s hard to complain, because we are so lucky.”

Ali Fedotowsky Bedrest

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“I have this thing called ‘uterine irritability,’ so I am on modified bed rest. It’s so funny because I will post a picture on Instagram and people will be like, ‘Aren’t you on bed rest?! Why are you out?!’ ” says Fedotowsky, who joked to PEOPLE in May that she has a “very pissed-off uterus.”

” ‘Modified bed rest’ basically means that I have to take it super easy,” Fedotowsky, who had her hair done by Matrix StyleLink at the event, clarifies. “I can go places, but if I’m at home, I can’t be doing dishes or laundry, or even walking my dog. I have to be on the couch with my feet up and resting.”

“She has Braxton Hicks contractions pretty much all day, every day, so when she is physical it is a hundred times worse,” adds television and radio host Manno, 32. “You can literally feel the belly like a bowling ball.”

“Since we’ve started talking, I’ve had two [Braxton Hicks contractions],” Fedotowsky confesses.

Fortunately, Manno is an extremely supportive partner who is doing everything he can to make his fiancée as comfortable as possible during her last trimester.

“He has been amazing. Anything, he will be like, ‘Let me give you a massage. Let me help, I want to make you feel better,’ ” says Fedotowsky. “He’s been putting my shoes on for me because I can’t bend down. Having a good partner is everything.”

And though Fedotowsky, who celebrated her daughter’s impending arrival with a beautiful Malibu baby shower in April, would’ve been happy with either sex, she can’t help being extra excited that she’s having a little girl.

“I think it’s because I have a niece, and I see her and how cute she is. And she just had her second dance recital, so I think [things like that] make me really excited,” she tells PEOPLE, adding that she can’t wait to indulge in traditionally feminine elements like princess and dresses with both her niece and daughter.

“I think that Kevin — and you are a sensitive guy in the [most] positive way,” she continues, addressing Manno. “I think that he is just going to melt.”

Jen Juneau with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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