Alexis Skyy Claps Back After She's 'Humiliated' by Claims Her Baby Is Not Fetty Wap's Daughter

Alexis Skyy's daughter Alaiya was born three months premature in early January 2018, with the proud mom announcing her arrival on Instagram

Photo: Alexis Skyy/Instagram

Alexis Skyy is speaking out against claims that her 1-year-old daughter Alaiya Grace is not Fetty Wap‘s, but instead Solo Lucci’s.

The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, 24, posted a now-deleted Instagram on Thursday (her daughter’s first birthday) that showed the results of a negative paternity test, captioning it, “I have been humiliated, I have been disrespected, i have been harassed non f—ing stop about not knowing who my child’s father all because of Michael Dorsey AKA Solo Lucci continuing to spread this lie.”

Both Solo Lucci and Fetty Wap did not respond to PEOPLE’s requests for comment.

The post comes a year after rapper Solo Lucci sat down for an interview with Vlad TV, replying, “I don’t know” after he was told Skyy was pregnant and asked if he thought he might be the father. He also said, “I don’t think she knows, but that ain’t my place to say.”

During a December episode of Love & Hip Hop, Skyy said, “[The reason] Fetty is hesitant to claim Alaiya is because people like Solo Lucci is running around trying to get clout off my name, claiming Alaiya, knowing damn well he’s not her father” and described how Fetty Wap, 27, was in the hospital for her daughter’s birth.

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Solo Lucci then opined in part in a series of videos, shared by Instagram account Baller Alert, that clout had nothing to do with the tension and that Skyy has “nobody to blame but [her] g—damn self” for the allegations.

In Skyy’s recent now-deleted post, she continued, “As a woman I feel totally disrespected by not only him but also those on social media who has mother shamed me EVERY DAY, EVERY PICTURE of my daughter who has [fought] so hard to make to where she is today (Her 1st Bday) 1.4.18 I have been bullied nonstop, but TODAY this s— ENDS.”

“I have never not known who my child’s father is,” Skyy added. “Ive been thru so much s— because of this. I have been called every disgraceful, disrespectful, hurtful word in the book. & It’s a shame that I had to go out of my way JUST to prove this to society what I BEEN telling everyone.”

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Baby Alaiya — one of Fetty Wap’s seven children, including a son who arrived two months after Alaiya’s birth — was born three months premature in early January 2018, with her mom announcing her arrival on social media and sharing an Instagram Live video from her hospital bed before Alaiya’s birth, where Fetty Wap was present.

“The 2 most hurtful parts about this is knowing 1 day my daughter will see this & having to prove myself to world As if I didn’t know who I laid down & conceived my child with,” Skyy continued in her paternity-test post. “But Alaiya Grace my miracle child today is dedicated to you baby girl. We hold the victory!!!!!”

She concluded, “The lord is our Shepard & thank you god so much!!!! & for you Solo Lucci who have part taking in humiliating me & my child this entire past year … YOU ARE NOT MY CHILDS FATHER!!!!! #period”

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