By peoplestaff225
Updated April 30, 2007 11:05 PM


Originally posted May 1st at 12:05 am:Aspiring singer Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy and ChristieBrinkley, has responded to a recent post by Perez Hilton on Alexa,which maligned the 21-year-old’s looks, saying she’s "not bad,actually, just no supermodel." Alexa addressed the issue in her latestMySpace blog, venting her frustration with Perez, the mediaperpetuating a "supermodel" appearance and assuring that she’scomfortable with her "exotic" features.

What hurt Alexa even more was when she stumbled upon another postdissecting her sister Sailor Lee Cook, 8, and she hates that ithas gradually become more commonplace for the media to "trash publicfigures (and their children) and call them all sorts of names JUST FORTHE HECK OF IT."

Alexa also adds that her boyfriend adores her imperfections anddoesn’t understand why they’re not appreciated by the media, especiallywhen her mom doesn’t look like a "supermodel" 24/7.