The married Dancing with the Stars alums talk about the journey toward conceiving their first child


Alexa and Carlos PenaVega just confirmed to PEOPLE that they are expecting their first child, and now they’re sharing some of the details behind their decision to start a family.

“You wanted to get pregnant really early,” Alexa, 27, tells her husband in a video on his YouTube channel. “Like, Carlos was ready for babies.

“But after Dancing [with the Stars], we decided, ‘You know what? I think now’s a good time. I think we’re ready to get pregnant.’ ”

PenaVegas Talk Journey to Pregnancy

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Though the couple is now over the moon at the fact that they’ll soon be parents, the process of Alexa becoming pregnant was not a straightforward one, although she does admit “it’s been a really fun journey.”

“I thought for sure it’d be like, ‘One, two, three, wham, bam, we’re pregnant!’ ” Carlos, 26, says. “But no, that’s not the case. You gotta keep trying, trying, trying … and try some more. Which is not a bad thing.”

“We learned a lot along the way,” the mom-to-be adds, noting that she tried using apps and doing many “weird things” she was advised to do, such as taking her temperature every morning.

The former Spy Kids star then shares that there was one thing that worked for them in terms of making sure they were trying to conceive at the right times.

“We purchased one of those Clearblue ovulation kits, where you get the little happy faces,” she says, laughing as Carlos flashes a huge smile for the camera.

The PenaVegas then joke about how Alexa would text Carlos while he was filming or at the gym, with a picture of the “ovulation is happening” happy face.

“Carlos!” Alexa laughs when the Big Time Rush member says he would rush home from the gym to get in “another workout.”

“What? That’s how you make a baby!” he says.

The Repo! The Genetic Opera actress then changes the subject slightly, admitting that she can relate to women who already over-plan and are just ready for pregnancy to happen as soon as they start trying.

“When it doesn’t happen, you think, ‘Is something wrong with me?’ or ‘What am I not doing right?’ when really it’s just your body adjusting,” she says.

“And we literally were just like, ‘Let’s not worry about it anymore,’ ” Carlos adds. “When God wants us to have a baby, we’re gonna have a baby, and that’s it.”

Alexa adds that she has had a “crazy and exciting” pregnancy so far. One thing that she has had to endure that many current and former moms-to-be can relate to?

“[In] my first trimester, I have had a lot of morning sickness,” she admits.

“It [has been] awful,” Carlos says, describing times when the couple have been out together and Alexa has had to run to the bathroom to throw up.

“I’m sorry it was so hard for you,” Alexa tells him jokingly, throwing a look at the camera and adding that on top of morning sickness, pregnancy fatigue is a “very real thing.”

“There were days when I just wanted to sleep all day long, and I did,” she says. “But that’s just part of the journey — and I have so much more energy now, which is amazing. I feel like a different person.”

The couple then share an ultrasound photo of their growing baby.

“We don’t know [the sex] yet,” Alexa says. “But whatever it is, it’s perfect.”

The couple are paid Clearblue spokespeople.

Jen Juneau