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Updated April 02, 2008 04:37 PM

UK celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, 51, and his model wife Nikki, 31, share the news that Nikki is five months pregnant with their second child together in the latest issue of OK! Magazine. Already parents to son Rocco, 2, with Aldo also having a daughter, Laura, 23, from a previous relationship, the couple chat with the magazine about the pregnancy.

Click below for the interview highlights and a photo.

How they met:

On if the celebrity chef cooks:

How Nikki is feeling:

On losing weight after birth:

On the sex of the baby:

On names:

On childbirth:

On considering filming the pregnancy and birth for TV:

Aldo on what kind of father he is:

On letting their children become chefs:

Source:OK! MagazineIssue: 616: April 1st 2008

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