Alastair Stewart rushed to hospital with high fever


A high fever brought on by an upper respiratory/ear infection led frightened parents Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster to take their 2-year-old son Alastair Wallace to a Florida emergency room over the weekend. According to Britain’s Daily Mirror, the couple drove the toddler to the hospital themselves after Alastair’s temperature reached 102 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday morning. Said Penny,

Alastair had been suffering with a high fever, so was taken to St Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach.  He was diagnosed as having an infection.  The hospital was very thorough and their quick diagnosis and response now has him comfortable and responding well to the antibiotics at home.

Alastair is the first child for the Rod, who turns 63 on Thursday, and Penny, 36; The couple wed in June 2007. Rod also has six children from previous relationships.


Thanks to CBB reader Chloe.

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