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There’s a baby on the way for Law & Order star Alana de la Garza and husband Michael Roberts!

The couple, who wed in May 2008, confirm that they’ll welcome their first child in October.

PEOPLE Moms & Babies chatted with the actress, 33, about how she’s feeling, her thoughts on baby names and got the scoop on if her L&O character, A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa, will be expecting as well.

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Congratulations! How have you been feeling?

I have been extremely lucky — kissed by angels! — and haven’t had any symptoms except for being extra tired.

After a week of shooting the show, when Saturday comes around I just want to sleep all day. My husband is like, “Sweetheart, are you going to get out of those sweatpants and get dressed?” I don’t think so!

Have you been having any cravings?

Aversions actually! Things I love I just can’t stomach right now.

My husband and I went to Shake Shack recently … I love their burgers, but once we got our order I just looked at the food and said, “No, no, I cannot eat this.”

Same thing with pancakes. We went out to eat and waited an hour in line, finally got our breakfast and I was like, “Uh oh, can’t do it.”

How did you share the big news with Michael?

We found out together. Well actually, he found out before I did. You know the whole ‘pee on a stick and leave it on the bathroom counter while you wait for the results’ thing? We did that, but I had gone into the kitchen.

Michael came in with the video camera and said, “You know, we should just throw it away. Come on, let’s go.” I had been thinking, “Why do you have the camera out, why are you filming me?”

Turns out the test had turned positive right away and I didn’t know it.

You’re due in October, right?

Yes, October 11th. I’m going to be four months along on Monday.

Will you find out the sex of the baby?

Definitely. I am so nosy that I wouldn’t be able to wait. There is shopping to be done! We find out in just a couple of weeks.

Do you have any names under consideration yet?

Yes, but I think we’re going to pick out our top three and then wait until we meet the baby to make a final decision.

It’s funny because what I like changes all the time. One day I’ll love a certain name and three weeks later I’m completely over it.

Will they write the pregnancy into Law & Order or try to hide it?

They’re going to write it in, which is really exciting especially since Law & Order isn’t really a character-driven show.

My character doesn’t have a boyfriend, she’s not married, no love interest … in the season finale there’s a scene in a bar and I was joking around with everyone as we were filming, saying, “Oh, I think tonight’s the night Connie gets knocked up!”

Will you bring your little one to the set? Your costar Jeremy Sisto has his daughter Charlie, so your baby could have a built in playmate!

Oh yes! I love that little girl, she is so sweet. I’m definitely bringing the baby to work – I’m going to breastfeed so we’ll need to figure that out, but they’re all really supportive.

The cast and crew are so wonderful. When I told them I was pregnant it was like telling my second family. They’re just so excited and I’m over the moon.

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— Sarah Michaud

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