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If you want to create a memory book or scrapbook but can’tfigure out how to get started, you are not alone. My New Year’s resolution thisyear is to create a scrapbook of my daughter’s first year before she turns two!

Aimee Jacobson, founder of aimeej keepsake albums, offers afew suggestions for getting started. They are:

1. Decide how much time and creative energy youcan to commit to the project.

Least amount of time: Keepsake boxes are a great alternativeto albums. They hold hundreds of photos and are large enough for the 8x10prints that never made it into a frame and onto the wall.

A Little More Time & Commitment: Traditional PhotoAlbums

More Time & Creativity Required: Scrapbook

2. If digital photoshaven’t made it from the camera to the computer, set aside a realistic amounttime to download the photos from the camera and determine which photos you wantto print.

3. Time-permitting,edit (crop, remove red eye, fix lighting, etc) the photos and print – either athome or upload to an online photo printing service.

Tip: Edit and order prints at the same time when using anonline service like Snap Fish or Shutterfly.

4. Organize photos by year first and then timeand ambition permitting, by events during the year.

Tip: Print photos in the order you want to lay them out inscrapbooks or insert into photo sleeves

5. Make it a familyproject by encouraging older children and spouses to help.

6. Don’t getoverwhelmed.

Tip: Determine how much time you can commit each week oreach month to the project and work in stages. Just getting the picturesorganized chronologically is a great step for many.

7. Preserve yourphotos and special mementos in acid free products to prevent colors from fadingyears later.

8. Choose beautifulkeepsake products, like aimeej’s, which inspire creativity and make rememberingeasy.

I am personally using the Luxe Baby Keepsake Box from aimeejwhich I love for its timelessness, not to mention that I just don’t seem tohave the time to work on something more detail oriented.

If you created akeepsake box of your child’s first year, what did you use and how did you doit?

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