Aimee Nursing Gowns: Va va voom!

Did you ever hear of a nursing nightgown that would instantly make you feel sexy? The ones I wore when my toddler was born two years ago had bunnies or chicks on them and were not anything that I remotely wanted to revisit. I also hated the large nursing flaps — it looked like someone just cut really large circles out of it. Finally, I just gave up and slept in a tee shirt with the nursing bra underneath). I knew there were more glamorous nursing gowns out there, but being plus-sized, they wouldn’t have fit.

This time around, with baby # 2, I was determined to find some nursing nightgowns that would be more attractive. I came across Aimee Nursing Gowns, and was thrilled to find out that they came in regular and plus sizes. Finally, I could ditch the cutesy animals and glam up!

Owner Aimee of Aimee Nursing Gowns was kind enough to send me one of her stunning nightgowns ($41.95) right before I gave birth recently. After washing it, it went straight into my suitcase. About 3 days postpartum, I put this nursing gown on in the hospital and wow, I felt like I was channeling Sofia Loren! It was also so comfortable to sleep in and all the nurses remarked on how darling it was.

Sizes run from small, up to 1XL. And the 1XL was large on me, even right after I had the baby. I loved the criss cross top and generous fit — the empire waist did wonders to hid my postpartum tummy. The colors available are black, white, lavender, sky blue, pink and cranberry. In the plus sizes, white and cranberry are not available. You can even get a coordinating wrap robe in S/M, M/L or L/XL (in either lavender, pink or black). Find one at

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