By peoplestaff225
August 19, 2008 06:00 AM

Search engines it seems are a dime a dozen these days, and if you’re pregnant or a mom, you no doubt have a favorite one that you visit multiple times each day. It seems like every hour there’s something new you find yourself wondering about…whether it’s a pregnancy symptom, a hot new stroller or a medical test your OB/Gyn has ordered. If this sounds like you, then brace yourself for Aha! Baby. Talk about one stop shopping. Aha! Baby is so all-encompassing, so comprehensive, it makes me want to get pregnant again just so I can make proper use of this brand new search engine.

Aha! Baby is searchable in a variety of ways, including byusing keywords or from selecting from pre-ordered menus of logicallygrouped topics. If, for example, you’re ready to start making childcarearrangements you would click on the Family, Budgeting & Childcaresection on the ‘Browse By Topic’ toolbar to the left. Click on’childcare’ and then choose from among several ‘popular questions andkeywords.’ I clicked on ‘How should you decide which childcare methodto choose?’ along with keywords ‘au pair,’ ‘benefits’ and ‘cost.’ Pressask, and it yielded results like Daycare Centers: How much do they cost?, Comparing in-home childcare options, Nanny Care: Overview and 7 ways to combat crazy childcare costs. And dozens and dozens more!

In addition to Family, Budgeting & Childcare, there are numerous other topics to choose from, like Baby Development, Medical Questions, Labor & Delivery, Conception, Baby Names & Showers and Baby Gear & Room, just to name a few. There’s so much information available via Aha! Babythat you’re virtually guaranteed to wind up surfing the site for hours.Also, if you’re so inclined, you can also personalize the experience byinputting personal data like your due date, your level of anxiety abouthaving a baby, whether it’s your first child or a subsequent child,etc. etc.

The site is new, and is working out at least a few kinks. Isearched, by keyword, for the condition torticollis, information onwhich I remember voraciously scouring the Internet for shortly afterthe birth of our first son. It’s not a common complication but it’s byno means exceedingly rare, either; Aha! Baby returned noresults for torticollis, however — nor for the more common conditionof jaundice. So there are some areas where the editors of Aha! Baby will need to work on compiling more information for their postpartum users. All in all, however, I found Aha! Babyto be a really convenient, comprehensive source for almost all-thingspregnancy and baby-related and I would highly recommend it to all myexpectant friends.

— Missy