Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Baby Bottles

In December, Jennifer Lopez went on a huge shopping spree for her upcoming new additions (rumor has it that she’s expecting twins), at LA’s Petit Tresor. She got doubles of a lot of items, like a few double strollers and including 10 Adiri™ Natural Nurser™ Ultimate Baby Bottles. After using the Adiri™ Natural Nursers the past few weeks, I can see why! I love these bottles because of the bottle’s unique breast and nipple shape (especially perfect for a newborn), the bottles are polycarbonate-free and bisphenol-A free and best of all, my newborn Allegra loves them.

The way you use the Adiri™ Natural Nurser™ Ultimate Baby Bottle is a little different from traditional bottles. You can store them upside down or right side – just make sure you use the cover sleeve if you keep the bottle upside down. I love that you can see how much you are putting in (with measurements). I pretty much only use EBM (expressed breast milk) in them. My whole family gets a kick out of them (we call them the boobie-shaped bottles). But the fact is, they are great bottles to use!

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As your child gets older, they can go to a different version of the Adiri™ Natural Nurser™ Ultimate Baby Bottle. Stage 1 is for 0-3 months (and is all white). Stage 2 is for 3-6 months and is white and purple. Stage 3 for 6+ months and is white and orange. If in doubt, Adiri has a note about which stages to use when,

When in doubt about which stage to buy, select the slower flow for babies who are solely breastfeeding and mom wants to keep them on the breast, given that the baby will have to work harder to get the milk, much like breastfeeding.

Great shape of a bottle, most newborns will take this bottle when they won’t take other kinds
Polycarbonate and BPA free
Easy to use – only three parts – sleeve, bottle and screw bottom
Easy to see measurements of what you are giving to baby
Will hold 8 oz of fluid
Dishwasher/sterilizer safe
Petal-shaped vent to reduce colic

If you store it upside down, keep the cover sleeve on it when not in use
Carefully screw the bottom part on, otherwise it will leak- it is easy to do, but at 3am, I have no brain and have to make sure I do it correctly
Will not fit your breast pump and cannot be used to store expressed breast milk (EBM) in the fridge (but not really a con because I am currently using sterilized bags to pump and store my EBM) Using these bottles requires a couple tricks of the trade. Such as, when warming up EBM in the Adiri bottle, Adiri says:

Milk can be warmed in the bottle by holding the filled Adiri Natural Nurser under running hot water. It should not be submerged in water with milk in the bottle as the water pressure can unseat the valve and cause milk to leak.

These bottles are in high demand and sell out pretty quickly. To find a list of retailers for the Adiri™ Natural Nurser™ Ultimate Baby Bottles, click here.

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