Addressing some survey issues...

In reading over the survey results so far, I wanted to address a few issues that keep coming up over and over – we are taking your thoughts and opinions into consideration! Please keep telling us what they are – take the survey if you haven’t already!

1) Layout: Many of you say it’s too busy and cluttered, and you want a more professional look. So do we! We’re planning a complete site redesign in the coming months.

2) Links: We have posted links lately instead of photos because of a recent photo agency crackdown. We are extremely limited from a legal standpoint on what we can post, so we figure that linking you to where you can see the photos is better than not posting at all.

Many of you also don’t like that the links take you to a new page. We are looking into incorporating an HTML code into the new layout that will allow a separate window to pop up, alleviating this problem.

3) Lack of updates/too many updates: We’re hearing from both sides of the spectrum on this one. Some dislike the lack of posts on weekends, while some don’t like logging on to find ten new posts in an hour. We’re now setting posts to run throughout the day if possible (no promises!), with the exception of breaking news, which will be posted as soon as an editor is online.

4) Problems with the site crashing as it loads: This issue should now be resolved as Danielle was able to fix it a few weeks ago.

5) Email issues: Please be sure to send news and photo links to the tips box. Site questions and comments can go to Danielle or I, while advertising has it’s own email. Please don’t be discouraged if your news is not posted immediately or you receive no response- it sometimes takes us weeks, but we try to post (almost) everything eventually, if it’s site related.

Thank you, also, for all the positive comments thus far. They are appreciated!

We’re still looking for more of what our readers want and think – take the survey and be eligible to win prizes from over 75 of our advertisers!

If you want to be entered to win a prize, make sure you complete the survey AND include your email address.

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