Adam Sandler on his newly-changed life

Actor Adam Sandler, 39, gave an interview on his upcoming movie, talked about his late father and how his life changed when he realized he was going to be a father. Here are some captures:

"What are your thoughts about turning 40 this year?

I’m just relieved that at this age, I have a kid. I was working on having a kid for a while and that was a little depressing. When my father passed away, that’s when I said, “Oh, man, I’d better get a kid.” I can’t believe my father didn’t get to meet my own kid and what am I doing with my life? My father had four kids by the time he was 29.

About finding out Jackie was pregnant:

So when my wife got pregnant, I really started to relax. I found out she was pregnant while we were filming this movie. I was doing a scene where Kate [Kate Beckinsale, co-star of Click] and I were yelling at each other in a therapy office and she was saying you’re always on auto-pilot. During a break, my wife said, I think I’m pregnant. My whole life changed right there. I felt like I was doing something good instead of just thinking about me and my movies. It’s nice to not think about me for a minute. This morning, I was running a little late. I was running out the door. Then I saw that kid. It made me feel so much better about my day. So if I didn’t have that kid at 40, I’d probably be a little more jumpy."

Sandler has daughter Sadie Madison, 3 months with wife Jackie Titone, 32.


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