Adam Sandler on fatherhood

In a recent interview with ET , proud new dad Adam Sandler talks about his new movie Click, and also shares some details about his newborn daughter, Sadie Madison.

"I go man, it’s passing so quick. The kid was big this morning. Big, and better looking than me. I love that kid. I don’t care if she’s good looking or not, but I do love that kid." He also talks about how easy it is to worry about someone so small. "Just a little gurgling and you go ‘Is she choking?’-and you jump out of bed. But everything’s smooth so far."

On how he feels about Sadie growing up too fast, "Say she starts dating at 13. I’ll be 52, I’ll have a hand gun by then."

Adam and wife Jackie Titone definitely plan on having more children. "Jackie wants 12 and I want 16", he says laughing. "We’ll get to it."

Source: ETonline

Thanks to CBB reader Naquita.

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