Adam, Jackie, and Sadie Sandler take a beach walk

Adam Sandler, his wife Jackie, and 9 week old daughter Sadie Madison were spotted going for a beach walk in Malibu on July 8th. Jackie wears Sadie in a Baby Bjorn Active carrier in black/red ($119), and covers her with a blue star blanket. If anyone knows the brand of the blanket, please leave a comment or send an email – a CBB reader would like to purchase it and wants to know what it is!

Update: CBB reader Emma writes – Adam Sandler’s daughter’s blanket, isn’t a blanket – its a swaddling muslin. I am a British woman, and we use them all the time for our babies. The smaller ones are for burp clothes and comfort blankies and the larger ones for swaddling, or cover ups in the hot weather. They are particularly great to use for comfort blankets, because they are so soft and get softer the more they are washed and they are breathable, so even if baby falls asleep with it on her, there is no chance of suffocation. Really good to use in hot climates too. You can get the same kind as Sadie from with yellow stars. My daughter has a few of them, I bought them from – they have really cute boy and girl prints. I also have the pink flower and pink stars from – there is one at this website with blue stars on, could be the same as Sadie’s muslin. All these website’s ship products, but the UK shipping is a little more expensive.

It is available in the US at Aden and Anais ($40 pack of 4) or at the Pumpstation in Santa Monica.

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