By peoplestaff225
Updated September 01, 2005 11:42 AM

Former NYPD Blue star Kim Delaney has lost custody of her teenage son after he testified in a Santa Monica, California, court that she was endangering his life by drunk-driving. Jack Cortese, 15, told the court that his mother embarrassed him when she turned up drunk at a friend’s house and then insisted that he come home with her. Jack testified, "I attempted to keep her from driving her car, but she was very demanding. My mother demanded that my friend go with us. He refused to drive with her because she was drunk. Unfortunately this is not the only incident in which I have seen my mother drunk."

Jack, who is now living with his father, Kim’s ex-husband Joe Cortese, claimed he hadn’t seen his mother since August 11 and is trying to keep his distance. He added, "I do not want to be with her until she has completed rehab and is sober. I am very concerned for my safety when I am with her." Kim was previously arrested for drunk-driving in 2002.

Source: ONTD