Actress Helen McCrory talks about her pregnancy

Update: Posted by member on Damian’s Yahoo Group: "Helen gave birth to a girl yesterday(Friday 8th September) at 4.20pm!! She had to have a caesarean section in the end as the baby was breech and dangerously high so they couldn’t risk her going into spontaneous labour. She weighs just under 7 lbs and is called Manon. Both Damian and Helen are over the moon and totally in love with their new daughter. Will send more details when I have them but Damian wanted the bunnies to be the first to know (no press release has been issued yet). I’m so happy for them as I’m sure you are."

Originally posted September 4th: Actress Helen McCrory, 37, whose first child with fiancé Damian Lewis, 35, is due in late September, talked to Evening Standard Magazine about being pregnant. "I’ve never worn so many low-cut dresses in my life. If I could just wear spangles, I would. I feel so amazingly attractive." She is convinced that the baby will be a boy although they did not find out the sex. She wants Damian to do that after she has given birth, "I’m just so excited about becoming a parent with him. I really wanted Damian to do it because it’s our child and it’s going to be the most extraordinary experience of our lives. It doesn’t get bigger than that."

Will Lewis handle all the blood? "He’s not weak-stomached. I think he’ll be very good at it. At the beginning, he knew more about it than I did." She can’t imagine to stay home after pregnancy, "I like going out, meeting new people. I can’t see myself being satisfied at home. It’s been strange being pregnant: it’s the first time I haven’t worked." The couple, who got engaged in February, are planning to get married in Wales next summer.

Source: Damian’s Dominion (visit for photos of expecting Helen)

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