Elizabeth Perkins: I don't think it's ever easy being the child of an actor

She is the mother of four, but that didn’t stop Weeds star Elizabeth Perkins from posing nude for Allure last year. While she took it as a personal challenge to bare all, her children didn’t feel quite as excited about seeing their mother in the buff in a national magazine. Elizabeth tells Parade,

I’m sure the kids were mixed up it, but they [also] have mixed feelings about my being on Weeds.  I don’t think it’s ever easy being the child of an actor. 

The magazine was very businesslike and respectful about it.  I’m going to be 47 this year and have had absolutely no plastic surgery.  They wanted to show that a woman my age can still look like this.

Elizabeth’s children — Hannah, Maximilian, Alexander and Andreas — may struggle with having an actress for a mother, but Elizabeth says they should be even more grateful that she is nothing like her Weeds character, a highly-critical, suburban PTA-mom.

Celia is about as diametrically opposed to me as she can be.

Elizabeth is married to cinematographer Julio Macat.

Source: Parade Magazine
Photo Credit: MSN movies

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