The Celebrity Baby Blog was created during the Golden Globes in January 2004 when Danielle realized she knew way too much about pregnant celebrities to not do something with the knowledge.


Danielle lives with her husband in New York City. She and her husband welcomed their first child, Anya Lucia, on October 14th, 2005. She runs the Celebrity Baby Blog full-time, the best job she’s ever had.

News Editor:

Sarah lives in southern New Hampshire. She currently works full time as a nanny while pursuing her masters degree in social work. When she’s not working or at school, Sarah likes to spend time with her boyfriend, read non-fiction, try new local restaurants, and travel.

Senior Contributors:

Shannon lives in Sydney, Australia, with her parents and three siblings. She spends her free time shopping, working in a fashion store and hanging out with friends. Shannon finished highschool in 2006 and is in the process of applying to University for 2007, and is contemplating such courses involving writing, law, international studies and psychology. Shannon does not have children of her own but several gorgeous friend’s children that she adores.

Nisha is a 23-year-old Memphian with a Bachelors degree from the University of Memphis. She’s an engineering operator/ chyron operator at the NBC affiliate in her hometown and is attempting to write a novel and several spec teleplays, in hopes of one day landing a literary agent. When she gets the chance, Nisha loves to read, watch lots and lots of TV (especially Grey’s Anatomy), go to the movies as much as possible and scan tabloid magazines. She is quite the celebrity and TV trivia wiz and a die hard Friends Fan!! Although Nisha has yet to settle down and have a family of her own… she is happily surrounded by her "babies" including her sister (Shyiann), her three nephews (Robert, Daniel, & Matthew) and her goddaughter (Jasmine)!


Angela is our sports contributor. She lives in Virginia and works for a local newspaper as a media specialist, and is publicity chair for Relay For Life in her area. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her fiance, family, reading, and watching sports.

Christina grew up in Minnesota and currently lives in Connecticut with her partner. She works for a marketing software company and as a freelance editor and loves reading gossip magazines. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and writing.

Kaisa, 17, lives in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Estonia is small country in Eastern-Europe, right between Latvia and Russia. She is currently in high school and will be finishing in two years. She was an avid reader of CBB for about a year before began contributing – she loves small children because they just are so very adorable – especially celebrity babies! In her free time, Kaisa loves to read and hang out with friends. She’s obsessed with learning languages – Kaisa speaks Estonian and English and is currently studying and has an understanding of French, Spanish and Russian. She is thinking of studying psychology or journalism one day or perhaps even pursuing a career in diplomatic relations.

Whitney lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and two sons, Nate and Cole. Prior to being a Mom, she spent 7 years as a web producer. She now produces Mommies with Style, a site dedicated to reviewing hip baby products and posting about bargain and coupon codes for those products.


Joanna is our British correspondent.She is based in the UK, specifically in London where she lives with her boyfriend, although hails originally from Derry in Northern Ireland. Being the eldest of five girls, Joanna has had lots of babysitting experience and really enjoys spending time with all her sisters and cousins in her large Irish family! Joanna also works for an international children’s charity, organising fundraising events, which has sparked a great interest in children and the issues affecting their care and development. She is also fascinated by celebrity babies, especially in the weird and wonderful names that their parents dream up for them!

Char is our royalty correspondent. She is from Spain, and enjoys sports (aerobics, yoga and fitness), British pop-rock music, reading and obviously, knowing the latest about royalty. She is a student of applied sciences at university. In her free time she likes to shop and be with her boyfriend and
friends. She loves mint tea, chocolate and traveling.

Kirrily lives in Sydney, Australia, with her fiance and works for The Sydney Morning Herald as an information analyst. When there is any spare time left over from planning her wedding, she loves travelling, cooking, photography and reading.

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