Abe jones: For your growing individual

I recently came across abe jones, a great line of clothes. As the tag line on the website says, it is style “for your growing individual.” These clothes for boys or girls are individual, unique and gorgeous. They are also beautifully made. I love the boys’ yellow cowboy shirt and the pants are cool enough for any mini-hipster.

The girls clothes are so adorable, that they really do make me wish I had a girl, luckily I have a niece. I love the pleat tank dress and the infant tank dress. They are beautiful and I’d probably wear them myself. They are girly in a way that even I, who am not usually very girl, can really appreciate. They’re simple, stylish and absolutely gorgeous. And the colors are lovely. The T-shirts are really cool too. We have the “Hot Rod” (shown at left) for Grae and Finn is very jealous. I love the gray color and, of course, we all love the image. These are great for both boys and girls and come in sizes from 3 months to 6T. Very soft and comfy as well as super cool.

There are also some lovely ribbon tees for girls that are adorable- a small appliqué of fabric in the front and a ribbon that ties in the back. Finally the lounge sets are perfect for a lazy, wind down outfit. No reason why your baby can’t be stylish while lounging about, too. Grae loves his bedtime lounge set for wiggling around on the floor. Since it’s a nice stretchy cotton top and bottom, it works really well now that he has decided to skip crawling and at 6 months is working really hard at walking. These come in sizes for 6 –24 months. He’s not really into lounging, he’s too busy trying to be his 2 year old brother, but it works for him anyway.

The abe jones Spring/Summer 08 line is coming soon and I’m sure will be just as wonderful. It will be available for purchase online in March. Several items from the Fall/Winter collection on the abe jones site are currently on sale. Please visit abejones.com for more information, as well as to find retailers that offer these beautiful clothes. I have to say that these clothes are even better in person than in the pictures and they are beautiful in the pictures.

Especially for CBB readers: go to abejones.com to use coupon code celeb15 for 15% off of all purchases through February 11, 2008.

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