CNN'S Abby Phillip Recalls Cooking Dinner for Family After Going into Labor with Daughter Naomi

"We just cooked dinner through the first contractions and then as things really got going we were like, 'Okay let's do this,' " Abby Phillip tells PEOPLE

Abby Phillip is one multitasking mama!

The CNN anchor, 32, and husband Marcus Richardson welcomed their first baby, daughter Naomi Angelina, on Aug. 16, and in this week's issue of PEOPLE, she reveals the unconventional way she kept busy at home after going into labor.

"The night I went into labor, Naomi was 10 days late. So I was like, 'When is this baby coming? Oh my God.' I'm a big believer that babies come when they need to come, but I was like, 'Come on, girl, we've got to get out of here,' " says Phillip. "So 10 days into it, we just were hanging out, trying to have a lot of family time. My parents were here and I got into labor and I was like, 'Oh, well I guess I got to cook dinner.' "

The new mom says she "cooked dinner through the first contractions" until "things really going and we were like, 'Okay let's do this.' "

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As for what Phillip cooked for her final meal before motherhood, the senior political correspondent says she made "a sausage dish."

"I don't know if it was polenta or something else, but I just tried to cook it as quickly as possible and just put it together so I could have something to eat," she recalls. "And then 12 hours later there was a baby in the house."

Speaking about her home delivery, Phillip tells PEOPLE it "went pretty well" and was "fairly short."

"We gave birth right here in this house, which was really nice," she adds. "It was great to just be here and recover at home."

Announcing her happy birth news last month, Phillip told PEOPLE in a statement, "Marcus and I are so happy to announce that the Naomi Angelina Richardson arrived bright and early on Monday morning perfectly happy, healthy and ready to eat. Mom and baby are feeling great. Her first name means 'pleasant one' and she is already living up to it and spoiling her mom and dad as a blissfully calm baby. Her middle name Angelina is a tribute to my beloved maternal grandmother who passed away in 2014."

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