Holiday Project 2006: a brown dog

In a world today where our kids are influenced by violent television andnegative tees, a new company was born, a brown dog. "Positive tees areneeded today so kids can have a positive influence," owner Tracey Hagemansays. Kids might just listen if their favorite dog is speaking to them!

You can choose from 4 different dogs and several sayings. Our favorite,"bear saysno whining" is perfect for the toddler in histerrible twos! We also love"don’t talk to strangers" so we can remind our kids ofits importance. Look both ways & speak kindness are alsogreat reminders! Ben Affleck and Jen Garner’s daughter Violet was been gifted with "sofie says NEVER give up!"in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. a brown dog believes in the ethical treatment of animals and donates aportion of sales to lab rescue of Tampa Bay and the humane society of Tampa Bay.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift and a gift your littleone will love, shop at Their tees are a generous fit and are super-soft cotton. They are greatfor layering or for wearing alone. All orders ship same-day so you willreceive them in time for christmas!

Let’s show our kids a better world and be a more positive influence tothem. "a brown dog" is sure to help kids be just that!

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