A bit of news for everyone!

Just wanted to let anyone who sends stuff into us know that

#1) Hello! Magazine has asked that we no longer use their photos- if you want to send us a link of theirs, that is fine, but no photos. We will still link to their site but can’t actually display their images.

#2) We’ve had an increase of people emailing photos that don’t include the origin. In order to use the photos, they need to be untagged, if possible, and you need to know the photo agency or website that they are from. If they are from a messageboard or a friend, or you just found them around the web, unfortunately we cannot use them due to copyright issues. We cannot use images from most photo agencies for this same reason. Danielle just wanted me to pass that message along- she’s having a great time in Italy! Thanks for understanding, and we do appreciate all the contributions that we receive.

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