A Zev Update From Marissa Jaret Winokur!

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about Mr. Zev Isaac Miller, so we decided to ask mama Marissa Jaret Winokur for a little update! The Broadway babe and Dancing With the Stars alum shared some new photos and caught us up on her little rascal, now 8 months old!

CBB: What’s Zev up to lately? What are his latest milestones? It looks like he’s getting teeth!

MJW: Yes, two front teeth! He is wonderful and very active — he climbs on anything and up stairs!

He says “Ma ma” and “buh bye,” laughs so hard and loves playing peek-a-boo! He picks up everything and in the mouth it goes! I have had a few scares with pebbles at the park!

What are his favorite books and activities?

He loves EVERY book! Zev will now sit for a story with his daddy [Judah Miller], it melts my heart! He loves to turn pages and … well, eat the book, so we stick to cardboard ones, no paper.

Just like me, he loves being outside. I like pulling him around the neighborhood in his new wagon. He loves the swings, playing in the pool, and crawling all around the grass.

His favorites toys are his bubble machine and standing push-toy. We love My Gym and wish we could go there every day. Zev also loves Yo Gabba Gabba and kicking his legs to the beat — he loves music!

So … who do you think will win Dancing With the Stars?

Oh my God, I love love love [former partner] Tony [Dovolani] and Melissa [Rycroft]!

Also loving Lil Kim … they both have great stories about coming back and saying, “Look at me now!!!” I love a comeback story in high heels, bedazzled dresses and spray on tans — who doesn’t?!
More photos below!

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