By peoplestaff225
Updated April 24, 2008 07:45 AM

Continuing in our series of A Day in the Life at CBB, Ciaran, our Senior Fashion/Gear Contributor, shares what she does.

This morning I got up at 6 am and checked my email while breastfeeding. I then made some changes to a post I was working on. As a mom of four without full-time help or a nanny, I have to get my writing done in short bursts, throughout the day. This means answering a query from my iPhone, while waiting for my daughters in a school parking lot, product testing at the beach while entertaining the troops (see picture at left!), and thinking about my next story in the grocery aisle. This morning it meant I was writing on my laptop in the bathroom while my three year old took a little time out for a leisurely poop. Yes, I am serious – I'll spare you and my son the images though.

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Since my littlest baby was born a little over a month ago I havelonged for a "typical day", much as I have longed for sleep. Theclosest I have come in recent memory of a day where I did not have toexpect the unexpected, was during my extended bedrest. It was ablessing and a curse to be able/forced to stay in one place, for morethan twenty minutes. I do find that I do my best writing in themorning, in bed actually! Getting back to a schedule where I havededicated work hours every morning is my goal. I took this shot of mybellyscape about two months ago. This was my view while writing forCBB, for many long months!

In the interest of being professional, I'm currently trying toreorganize my desk. But it's mainly become a dumping ground for samplesI am going to write about and things I am looking at for inspiration.On my desk right now is the Healthy Child Healthy World book by Christopher Gavigan and The Hot Mom to be Handbook: Womb with a Viewby Jessica Denay (I got quoted – hurray!) and assorted c-sectionrecovery aids. I've also got some assorted organic baby toys, aJoyaBaby diaper clutch and some cloth diapers I cannot wait to test.

Although we recently renovated and created a dedicated home office,I still tend to write mostly on my laptop, and at all hours and places.It follows me to the kitchen counter, to the couch, to bed at night andto our enclosed courtyard when the kids are playing outside. When Ireally need some alone time I take the show on the road to our localStarbucks. It's a perfect place to write as I often see actual (realityTV) celebrities there!

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