If there was anyone more excited than A.J. Langer and Charles, Lord Courtenay about the birth of their second child, 4-week-old Jack Haydon, it was their first child, 2 ½-year-old Joscelyn Skye.

“She was very into the whole process and gave my belly millions of kisses as it grew,” A.J., 35, tells Breezy Mama. “We talked about her baby brother/sister and if it would be a boy or a girl –- her first guess was a boy with blue eyes like daddy –- so far it looks like she was right.”

Happily, Joscelyn’s enthusiasm hasn’t waned since baby boy went from being an abstract idea to an actual person. “She loves him and is amazingly patient with him,” the former My So-Called Life star proudly reports, though Joscelyn is “not necessarily so patient with mommy!”

Both kids’ names hold great personal significance for the couple, in a variety of ways. Joscelyn was a name from Charlie’s family tree, though it was a boy name and was spelled with an ‘i’ instead of a ‘y,’ while Skye was after the Isle of Skye, a place the couple vacationed shortly after they began dating. Jack, meanwhile, is Charlie’s maternal grandfather’s name, while Haydon is “a beautiful forest near the castle in Devon — it gets completely blanketed in bluebells once a year and is breathtaking,” A.J. shares. She adds,

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Noting that she is very much a “to each, their own” kind of mom, A.J. goes on to detail her homebirthing experiences with Joscelyn and Jack. “I would not stand on a soapbox and preach natural home birth,” she explains. “It has to be the right option… the only option, for you; It was for me.”

The pain of delivery caught A.J. off-guard with her firstborn, pain which was worsened when a midwife repeatedly checked her cervix. With Jack, she made it clear that she did not want to be checked “unless absolutely necessary.” She also spent time in her heated swimming pool before moving on to a birthing tub at her home in California, taking care to practice her yoga breathing and “focus on releasing all resistance no matter how intense it became.”

The decision to birth her children at home was easy, for A.J. has an admitted aversion to hospitals and doctors. As a sufferer of the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia, A.J. says that she had become accustomed to “being treated more like a lab rat than a patient.” Midwives were generally more trusting of her ability to pursue an unmedicated birth than doctors, A.J. said, noting that “most people with chronic pain wouldn’t think to do a home birth because they’ve been made to doubt their bodies.”

For now, the family-of-four is enjoying their newest addition and life in California. “We will probably spend some of the time in the UK at some point,” she explains. “Our plan is to have no plan.” That carefree approach is also apparent when asked whether Jack will be her last child. “Who knows,” she replies.

Source: Breezy Mama

— Missy