MMM-Tots! Your Guide to the Ever-Growing Hanson Family Tree

Between the four (yes, four!) brothers, they have 16 kids

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Taylor Hanson & Natalie Bryant

The now 39-year-old musician was the first band member to say, "I do." The intimate wedding took place at a small chapel in Georgia in 2002.

"[Marriage] isn't always perfect days, but it's a shared adventure. I'm so grateful," Taylor told PEOPLE In 2022.

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Ezra, Penelope, River, Viggo, Wilhelmina, Idiana & Maybellene

Hanson Is All Grown Up — and Dads of 15! Inside Their ‘Awesome Journey’ in the 25 Years Since ‘MMMBop’
Taylor Hanson, kids (from left) Ezra, River, Wilhelmina, Maybellene, Viggo, Indiana, and Penelope, and wife Natalie. Ashley Alexander

The couple's kids are sons Ezra, 19, River, 15, Viggo, 13, and Indiana, 3, and daughters Penelope, 17, Wilhelmina, 9, and Maybellene, 18 months.

"The job of being a dad is to sacrifice everything you want for that kid," Taylor told PEOPLE in 2022. "I may be in the middle of meeting some famous musician, but, sorry, I've got to call my daughter and talk to her about her day."

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Zac Hanson & Kate Tucker

Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

The youngest of the Hanson clan, 36, married his longtime love in 2006 after five years of dating.

"I think we're lucky that we've always been a little bit of an anomaly," Zac told PEOPLE in 2022. "To be brothers who don't fight that much and who share a dream, that's unique. We've been a band for a long time, and a lot of people go, 'Wow, you're normal,' because the industry has a way of leaving its marks on people. But we just always had a really strong sense of place."

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Shepherd, Junia, Abraham, Lucille & Quincy

Hanson Is All Grown Up — and Dads of 15! Inside Their ‘Awesome Journey’ in the 25 Years Since ‘MMMBop’
Zac Hanson, kids (from left) Shepherd, Junia, Quincy, Lucille, and Abraham, and wife Kate. Ashley Alexander

The couple has five kids: sons Shepherd, 14, Abraham, 8, and Quincy, 16 months, and daughters Junia, 11, and Lucille, 5.

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Isaac Hanson & Nicole Dufresne

Alexandra Wyman/WireImage for PMK/HBH

Isaac, 41, was the last of the musical trio to wed. He married Nicole in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, ceremony in 2006.

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Clarke Everett, James Monroe & Nina Odette

Hanson Is All Grown Up — and Dads of 15! Inside Their ‘Awesome Journey’ in the 25 Years Since ‘MMMBop’
Isaac Hanson, his kids (clockwise, in center) Everett, Monroe, and Odette, and wife Nicole. Ashley Alexander

Isaac and Nicole are parents to sons Everett, 15, and Monroe, 14, and daughter Odette, 8.

"After I finish a show, it's like, 'Hold on a second. I've got to do an encore, then I'll call you for the bedtime story,'" says Isaac told PEOPLE of parenting on the road in 2022.

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Did you know there are actually four Hanson brothers? The musical trio's younger brother Joshua Mackenzie, a.k.a. Mac, welcomed a son with wife Nicole Stark in 2020.

"There are very few ways I can describe the experience of being Elliot Harvest Stark Hanson's father, because it's like trying to explain water, or the need to enjoy something beautiful," Mac wrote in a post on his son's 1st birthday in 2021. "We are all ourselves, entering our self and it is a wild, beautiful thing to behold - there is something about this that cannot be understood until you experience it yourself."

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