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Shannon is our Senior Contributor and the main contributor from Australia, or "down under" as foreigners like to say. She has been writing for CBB since January 2006.

My current situation has me studying at uni "full-time," working for CBB and also working at a clothing store. However, working "full-time" has me actually at university for five hours, two days a week. Although, there is quite a bit of work that I have to do while I am not there — preparing for classes, doing readings and completing assignments. I then work 2-3 half or full days at the clothing store. Currently, I am clocking about 15 hours, but it really depends on the time of the year, how busy we are, how busy I am and how much I want to work on the site. It’s all pretty flexible — CBB, my uni work and work at the clothes store.

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I am the Australian contributor, so I am generally around to cover the site while those in the US (and Europe) get some sleep. I generally wake up in the morning anywhere between 6 and 7 am, depending on what my plans for the day are. The first thing that I do when I wake up (before I even get out of bed) is check my email on my laptop, or on my Apple iPod Touch (can I just say — best iPod ever!). I spend around half an hour getting the basics done — checking email, reading what has been posted overnight, checking in with Sarah, Danielle, Angela or Missy on AIM if I need to and catching up on gossip/my favorite sites (Facebook, Just Jared, People). This is my desk and where I just had my breakfast – toast and yogurt.

By this time it is around 4 or 5 pm in the US and it can often be online to cover the site while Missy feeds her boys, Sarah goes to yoga, Angela has a Relay for Life meeting, or Danielle has a dinner date with her babes (Anya and Josh). If someone hasn’t been on for a bit, I will post some news stories, check up on the photo agencies, and put through comments.

I am also currently conversing with Chantal Kreviazuk and Mia Freedman on pregnancy columns and interviews.If I am on for the day, news is constantly checked for on the main news sites, email regularly checked also, comments published and photo agencies obsessed over for all those celebrity baby pics that you all love. I might also do little things for Danielle, Sarah or Angela, or help out with editing the site — e.g. when Sarah went on her working vacation to Florida two week ago.

The US writers then head to bed around my lunchtime and I am left alone on the site. Sometimes there often isn’t a great deal of info to post, so I catch up on preparing Celebrating Celebrity Baby Birthday posts, working on future posts and publishing comments. I then concentrate on some uni work or head out to run errands, go to the gym, catch up with friends. By 7 pm my time, photo agencies will often have new pics and I can update the site.

A few hours before I head to bed the others get online and anything that needs to be done for the day is discussed, and I often receive a few more emails as most people I hear from are US based. If it’s a busy news morning I help out, otherwise after a few hours I can head to bed around midnight (10 am US EST). I sleep til 6 or 7 am and so the day begins again.

What is different each day? Monday is my day off that I try and get the majority of my uni work ready for the week. However, I often find that I am online working for CBB and enjoying it more than my uni work. Tuesday I attend uni until 2 pm, checking my email and the site before, during and after uni. I have a two hour break from class when I can often be found with my laptop in the massive university library which has free (incredibly fast) wireless (surprised?). Otherwise I can check up on things via my iPod Touch. I am then home again to work on the site and complete uni work. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays I generally work at the clothing store (all 5-8 hour shifts depending on how busy I am, the store is etc). I am often home on Friday nights but head out on Saturday nights to a club (my favorite is World Bar), to dinner, a movie, to the gym or a friends house. This is all CBB and uni work permitted.My work for CBB is pretty regular, but has the advantage of being flexible.

I love working for the Celebrity Baby Blog and with Danielle, Sarah, Angela, Missy and co. Best job I ever had. If only I could work for CBB all the time instead of working at the clothing store.

And if you are wondering about children, I am yet to have any! I’m only 19 and still live at home.

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