Belle Baby Carrier: Six baby carriers later ... We finally found one!

I always tell people that my daughter skipped the newborn stage and went right to infant. She was never interested in being confined from day one, didn’t love to be held too much, was always really alert and wanted her independent time to find things out for herself. In fact, from day one in the hospital, the nurse turned my daughters head to look out at my family in the nursery and she turned her head the other way immediately. The nurse looked at my family and said, "Uh oh, this one is going to have a mind of her own". I would try, and try, to have her snuggle in the cradle position and she would fight it. She is almost 5 months now, and still very much like that, she smiles non-stop, loves to explore and take it all in. I finally realized it was not anything I did, it’s her personality. Independent and ready to take on the world with a mind of her own (sounds a bit like someone I know).

I have tried 6, yes, I said 6 baby carriers (ask Danielle, she’ll vouch for me). My daughter fought every single one. Personally, I felt that most of them were such a pain to put on and I have a bad back so all of them really bothered me after a few minutes. I kind of gave up and just felt like it wasn’t worth the hassle. Last week I received an email from Belle Baby Carriers asking me to try their carrier. I thought in my head "I probably shouldn’t take the sample because there is no way Tatum will like this one," but I took them up on their offer anyway. I got it in the mail yesterday and as soon as she was up from her nap, I strapped her in facing out and she was so happy and actually giggling.

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Co-designers, Mark and Seth have been designing rock climbingequipment for several years and knew many parents out in Colorado thatenjoyed hiking with their baby’s in tow. When they had their own kidsthey decided to design a carrier that was more simple to use and takesthe pressure of your back. What do I love about this one? First of all,it is so light and there’s no bulk so you can just roll it up and stickit in your diaper bag. It is by far the ONLY carrier I have used thatdoesn’t bother my back. It’s incredibly safe and can be used with babyfacing inward or outward. It comes in 10 very cool fabricsthat you won’t feel embarrassed about wearing (why is it when we have achild we have to all of a sudden wear what ever color and infantiledesign pertains to the sex of the baby?). The fabrics are made ofsynthetic microsuedes that are light and breathable and include twoorganic fabrics.

You have probably seen Julia Robertsin all the Celeb magazines wearing her Belle. I know she spends a lotof time with her kids outdoors and hiking, so that says a lot. I am sograteful to Belle Baby Carrier for finally coming out with a practical and easy baby carrier that my little girl LOVES. For more information, definitely watch this video on the carrier, it explains so much more about how they are constructed and what makes them so unique. Right now CBB customers will receive a 20% off their purchase by using the purchase code "mommies" at check out.

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