December 19, 2006 07:00 AM

Courtesy of, Automotive Advice for Women

Are you looking for new ways to connect with your kids while travelingfor the holidays? Then look below for some great tips that will be funfor the whole family!
1.How about a bubble gum blowing contest (if you’re brave enough)? Pickup a different or strange flavor at each rest stop and see who can blowthe best bubble in the car.

2.  You all know about the licenseplate game where you see how many different states you can find. Whatabout if someone in the car yells out the letter grouping they see onany license plate and everyone in the car has to come up with a phrasefor those letters (e.g., DSY "Dinosaur Sighting Yonder")?

3.  Teaming up by sides of the vehicle to count cows is always fun.Count fast if you pass a whole field and if you pass a cemetery on yourside and someone on the opposing team yells "Your cows are buried!,"you lose your cows and have to start over. Team with the most cows wins.

4.If your kids are old enough (and all "wacky’d out") you can have funteaching them mathematics by helping them calculate how many miles pergallon you’re averaging, how long it will take to get to yourdestination based on your average speed, or having them predict howmuch it will cost to fill up the tank based on the price per gallon.

5.  Transform a rest stop into a "play stop" by bringing a football tothrow, Frisbee to toss, or soccer ball to kick. This will not only helpyour kids run off some energy, but stay physically fit as well.
Justremember, kids spell love T-I-M-E and traveling this holiday seasonprovides a great opportunity to accomplish this. Who knows? You mighteven change your kid’s question from "Are we there yet?" to "Are wehere already?!"

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