January 20, 2014 12:00 AM

Courtesy 4Moms

Does your baby love to rock?

Then she’ll really enjoy 4Moms‘s new Rockaroo, which features five speeds, an MP3 hookup and reversible toy balls.

Want one? The company is giving one away to a lucky Moms & Babies reader.

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Also check out our review below:

Who tried it: Rennie Dyball, Senior Editor

Why she did it: When it comes to baby gear that resides in my home, the best products save me two very important things. They save me space, and they save my sanity. And the brand new rockaRoo ($159 – $179) — the follow-up to 4moms’ extremely popular mamaRoo — hits both those marks.

I was hesitant to add a swing to my already-cramped apartment, so I got by without one when my daughter was first born last summer. But if the rockaRoo had been around back then, it would have been one of the first products I’d snap up.

The pros: Featuring a smaller “footprint” than a traditional swing, the rockaRoo is very well suited to smaller spaces. And if you’re on bright color-overload, it comes in simple, chic grey and silver prints that blend well with adult furniture. The multicolored fabric option isn’t too loud as far as baby décor goes, either.

Even more important than space, this is a product that will likely save your sanity. New babies love nothing more than motion, and who could blame them after nine months of being cradled and rocked on the inside? And as sweet as it is to have your new babe fall asleep in your arms, there are times when you just need somewhere to put them and, with a little luck, calm their crying.

The real genius of the rockaRoo is in its unique motion. Designed to be like a swing flipped on its head with the pivot at the base, the majority of the motion sensation occurs at the baby’s head, which is what calms them in the first place (side note: for more on this, check out Dr. Harvey Karp’s The Happiest Baby on the Block).

It’s a truly serene, rocking horse-like motion that my baby loves and I wish I could get in on myself. I even assembled rockaRoo myself without any help on very little sleep … and with zero swearing. Fifteen minutes from the box to plugged in and rocking.

Less complex than the company’s mamaRoo (which starts at $219 and features five different motions), the rockaRoo comes at a lower price point of $159.

The cons: I couldn’t find any.

The Verdict: With five speeds, colorful balls for baby to check out, a doc for your iPod (to play that magical, sleep-inducing white noise), and a cozy, pod-like seat, the rockaRoo makes for one happy baby.

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