35 Weeks Pregnant: dearjohnnies hospital gowns - cover that tush!

Update: Owner Rachel Zinny emailed me yesterday to say, "I got a nice note form Poppy Montgomery today. She received an Ellie gown with matching swaddle blanket and she said the set “is so ADORBALE!”. She wrote that she has “already packed them into her hospital bag and can’t wait to use them.”

At 35 weeks pregnant, I’m busy getting ready for my baby daughter’s birth. In the next few weeks, I will focusing on products and items I’ll be bringing to the hospital and using during labor and delivery (and the aftermath). This week I’ll be discussing dearjohnnies hospital gowns.

Celeb moms like Jennifer Garner, Jennie Garth, Mariska Hargitay, Brooke Shields, Tori Spelling and Samantha Harris have all received their own dearjohnnies. Mariska wore hers for son August’s birth. Tori Spelling also mentioned dearjohnnies after talking about son Liam’s birth. Click here to read that. Samantha Harris couldn’t wait to wear her gown and robe, when her daughter, Josselyn Sydney Hess, was born recently.

Our own Teba also mentioned the dearjohnnies gowns in two postings. Click here to read.

I hated the hospital gown that I wore when I gave birth to my son two years ago. I’m sure most women had a similar experience to mine. Every time I had to go to the bathroom, I felt a breeze! The gown was also ugly, faded and who knows how many people had worn it before me? I also didn’t like airing out my tush for the world to see – when I wanted to get up. A nurse told me afterwards that I should have asked for a second gown to use as a robe (gee, now you tell me!!). I ended up doing the 2 hospital gown thing for the rest my stay, but I still didn’t feel attractive. When your whole body feels like crap, at least looking good can make you feel a little better!!

Rachel Zinny, the owner of dearjohnnies, sent me a gorgeous hospital gown that actually fit me! I’m loving the plus-sized Mimi Gown ($65) from her Limited Edition collection– which features cool, funky prints.. I liked the snap up back (yeah, no breeze) and that it comfortably fit my 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant tummy. The two ribbon ties (a classy pink grosgrain) were secure and tied tightly. The gown was well made and comfortable. The company suggests you wash it a few times before you use it to make it a little softer. My husband actually picked out the Mimi Gown, which was a mintish green with yellow, blue, orange and pink circles. I felt pretty in it. My tush didn’t show either. Since it is a hospital gown, I don’t think I’ll get a problem from the nurses. You can easily pull down the shoulders for breastfeeding access ( a plus!).

Owner Rachel got the idea shortly before her first daughter, Cece, was born. She and her husband planned to take pictures and realized that the ugly hospital gown was going to be prominently featured for posterity. Before her next daughter was born, she made two gowns herself and wore them in the hospital. Her friends began ordering them as gifts for baby showers. And her business was "born".

Adorable and pregnant mommy-friendly, dearjohnnies offers two gown collections (limited edition, which I mentioned, and the Wellesley Collection). You can get most gowns in the small/medium size or the large/extra large size. The Mimi, Lucy, Cece and Ellie also come in plus sizes (size 16-24). You can also pick a matching Wellesley robes (so cute) and swaddle blankets (even cuter) for your babe. I picked the Lucy swaddling blanket ($26 for one, 2 or more are $23 each). Since Ben is so obviously wearing the hospital swaddling blanket in his first pictures, it will be great to wrap up my baby girl in the Lucy blanket for her first pictures!

You can choose a gown, a robe and a swaddling blanket for $141 – with a discount of $20 for their Set to Deliver Promotion. You can also choose the Pick a Pair promotion (get two gowns for $55) or the Pefect Pair Promotion (get $15 off when you order a gown and a robe). You can also get monogramming for each item that dearjohnnies sells (for an extra $8 per line).

Thank you Rachel, for making your gorgeous hospital gowns in regular and plus sizes. My tush thanks you too!

Shop: dearjohnnies.com.

Exclusive for CBB Readers: Receive 20% off your entire purchase (excludes monogramming and shipping). Enter code CBB20 in the special instructions box upon checkout. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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