3 Soles for S'avarca: Handmade, Earth-friendly and Stylish Sandals from Spain

When I first heard about the handmade leather sandals by S’avarca with soles made from recycled tires that 3 Soles was carrying, my interest was piqued, but when I saw them in person, I was smitten.

Imported exclusively to the United States by 3 Soles, S’avarca sandals are handmade in Spain on the island of Menorca. This small, Balearic island was the inspiration for the design of the strong and flexible sandals. Since the land is dry and stony the people needed shoes fit for the terrain. S’avarca sandals, originally a peasant shoe, eventually became the island’s trademark and are enjoyed by everyone today.

The sandals come in bright colors and various styles (for men, women and children). We sampled the children’s version in both the Avarca style (where the back just slips on) and the Frailera (the back part has a buckle). I originally thought the Frailera would be the more appealing style because of the buckle and also because they seemed cushier, however, my daughter had no problems with the strap on the Avarca sandals. In fact, the sandals I loved the most, the Salamander – Fuscia sandals, (I love the way the tail of the Salamander continues on the next sandal) were in the Avarca style.

The Spanish royal family are fans of S’avarca sandals. You can see Infantas Leonor and Sofia wearing white S’avarca sandals in the Avarca style in this picture we posted over the summer. Their dad, Prince Felipe (not pictured) was wearing them too!

Since the sandals are made overseas you should check the sizing chart before ordering. I believe your biggest challenge will be trying to buy only one pair!

— Teba

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