So Nest by Swanky makes these black gauchos that I’ve started wearing, that Maggie Gyllenhaal is apparently also wearing this pregnancy. They have to be one of the most comfortable pair of pants I own these days, which means I’m in them a lot. (I’ve now retired the "these are so uncomfortable but I’ll wear them anyway because they are cute" capris, as yeah, I now have a baby playing drums on my bladder and the stretch-factor is key.)

Nest by Swanky (formerly Maternitee by Swanky) also makes some fun-loving tees with cute sayings on them. Check out their Maternitee by Swanky website to see their entire t-shirt selection. If their gauchos can cause such a conversation out in public, I can only imagine what the tees would invoke.

The gauchos can be found on both sites, the t-shirts only on the Maternitee site. Use coupon code MWS20 for 20% off on either site. Additional celebrity siting: Ming-Na from ER and Dana Devon from Extra have worn Maternitee’s in the past.