2007 Holiday Gift Guide: For parents, grandparents, etc.

We picked out gift ideas specifically for parents and grandparents.

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are super luxesatin blankies with personality. These are so indulgent that a newparent will be too shy to register for one, so surprise them, and theywill be thrilled with this heirloom-quality but very practical andwashable blanket.

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Likemost people who live in a city, my husband and I found that there werea lot of things we could do without in order to allow for more space inour teeny apartment once the baby came — a changing table was one ofthose things. That’s why I love the diaper caddies from Sarabearas much as I do. They keep everything in one place and you can carryit with you from room-to-room in your one-bedroom mansion!

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The Plush Pad from Ah Goo BabyDitch the plastic changing pads for a cozier place to diaper yournewborn, at home or away. This pad is a cushy gift for a new Mom whohas an upscale diaper bag and wants the accessories to go with it.

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For the mom-to-be


A fully stocked delivery kit from Little Stork will send her off to the hospital in pampered style. From Gwen Stefani to Brooke Shields, celeb fans of these luxuriously and thoughtfully loaded bags are numerous.

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Swaddling newbornsreminds them of being back in the tight confined space of the womb andprevents the startle reflex that can wake newborns up. Newborns whosleep make for happy parents so it makes a great shower/baby/holidaygift for both baby and parents. A few of my favorites include:


Halo’s 100% Organic Cotton SleepSack™ Swaddle is based on theirSleepSack™ Wearable Blanket plus it now has an adjustable,removable swaddle feature. Then, when baby outgrows the swaddlingstage, you can use it as sleepsack, replacing loose blankets for safersleeping. Plus it’s organic- gotta love that. ($35)

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Australian Muslin Swaddle blanketsare the largest muslin swaddling blankets on the market and great notonly for swaddling, but also as a burp cloth, nursing cover, strollershade, and blanket. ($45)


Baby Bonkieis the first baby swaddler I’ve seen that comes in unusual fabrics likefaux sherling, skulls, toilet, and retro firetrucks. ($55)

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Brooks Pond’s great CarrierCover is now designed to be used with strollers, car seats as well asBaby Bjorn and mei tai baby carriers. Since baby can’t really wear acoat while they’re in a carrier, a Carrier Cover is essential for thewinter months. It provides additional warmth and weather protectionfor baby without being bulky and has convenient pockets for keys, cellphone, and other small necessities. Another cool feature is handpockets for moms and dads. I like the wind-resistant Metro style, but they also have the original heavyweight fleece version plus luxe fabrics which include denim/chenille, faux persian lambswool, faux mink, and faux pony fur.


Their Buggy Blanketis the only all-weather blanket on the market. It features a softsuede-cloth interior, high performing Thinsulate interlining, and awind- and water-repellant nylon shell. The insulated liner easily snapsinside the bunting like a duvet, adding protection on cold days. Forcool fall or spring weather, remove the liner to lighten the weight. Itcan be used with a variety of strollers including the Phil & Ted,Bugaboo, and Maclaren lines. I have also used it with my Combi Cosmoa
nd Baby Jogger City Series.

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Parents with high style often cringe at the colorful fabrics on baby gear but what can you do? Right Bank Babies is the only company I’ve seen that has a solution to this problem- their bouncy baby seat and lounger seat coversare slipcovers for the baby gear that may otherwise stick out like asore thumb in your home. Fitting smoothly over the seat, the covershave openings to accommodate toy bars and each features a removable3-pronged seat buckle. Choose from 28 designer fabrics.

For people who love candles and everyone else
I bet nearly everyone on your list loves candles, from the hostess with the mostess,the hard to shop for in-laws, the world traveler, to the girly-girl.At $25 and under, with alluring scents, the following are a greatpersonal gift as well as a good last minute gift to stock up on.


I recently discovered La-Tee-Da!’s line of gorgeous lamp collections.With most candles, the packaging is almost an afterthought, but withLa-Tee-Da!, the beautiful glass is almost as important as the scenthoused inside. With a menu of over 30 custom-blended sophisticatedfragrances, their lamps are as delicious as they are lovely. Theirfragrance lamps, which, using a catalytic technology and a lowtemperature, flameless wick, replace unwanted smells with wanted ones. Their reed diffusersdisperse fragrant oils along straw-like reeds without heat or flames,making it a very safe option for families with children or people whoforget to blow out candles. And, not content to simply offer a waxcandle, their effusion crown candlesinclude a ceramic crown on top of the candle that releases a matchingfragrance that enhances the scent of the clean-burning food-gradeparaffin wax candle.

You can’t purchase their products on their site, but you can find a store near you or buy online.

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My husband always teases me aboutwhat I’m baking because our apartment frequently smells of vanilla-ydesserts. If you’re a fan of Yankee Candle Company but want something a little more sophisticated, you’ll enjoy DIRT Candles.They are not only deliciously scented but make me feel a little betterabout burning them because they are made of biodegradable soybean waxand natural scents.

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Petal Candlesare made from a premium soy-beeswax blend and arefragranced with essential oils and fragrance oil blends. The wicks aremade from organic cotton and the glass containers use recycled glass. Itried Fig Blossom, Noel (a holiday must-have), Lush, Sugar, Tarocco,Pod, and liked all of them. Thirteen ounce jar candles are $25 or mixand match 3 oz. glass votives and/or 2 oz. travel tins. They’ll wrapthem for you but the jar candle comes in a pretty box that you can justpop a bow on and call it a day.

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For the cook


Who doesn’t need a new cutting board? I love these funky glass cutting boards from Joseph Joseph. Choose from avocado, egg, egg crate, peppers, citrus, melon, kiwi, orange, watermelon and stripes. ($27-29 at LoftParty.com)


Not just for kids, these chalk-a-doodle placemats from LiViNG Goods let you doodle at the table! Choose from black or retro green. ($13 each at modernnursery.com)

For pet owners


Serve up some gourmet goods with ORE Pet’s Doggie Diner Collection at Wrapables.com.Theseadorable canine dinnerware pieces provide some comic relief and areperfect for man’s best friend (and his owner!). Choose fromdiner-themed placemats, and bowls and treat jars that resemble mugs!($10-28)

Stocking stuffers for adults/tweens/teens


I like these cute shower caps in different patterns at Wrapables.com. Choose from the Flip Flop, I Love Me, and Ooopsy Daisy patterns ($9.95).

For the Grandparents


Like a framed photo of your kids but better, YourCover‘spersonalized magazine covers let someone you love be a celebrity on thecover of his or her own magazine. Just upload an image of the personof honor, or perhaps your kids with them, choose from 20differently-themed magazine covers, choose headlines and for $50, yourpersonal magazine cover will be printed on heavy glossy paper, ready toframe in the included acrylic frame, making it a great gift for theiroffice or even the mantle.

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For the artsy mom

To this day there is no piece of jewelry I own that I like better than my Thumbprint Necklace from Magic Dog Studioline – a line of handcrafted and custom-made jewelryand home decor. This is not your typical “mom’s” jewelry withbeads and birthstones. I like to refer to it as "wearable art." Ican’t imagine any new parent not loving this gift — even a giftcertificate would be great.

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For the breastfeeding mom


First-timemoms are usually really shy about nursing in public so nursing coversare usually very appealing. The problem is that they are usuallyreally ugly so the nursing cover from Bebe Au Laitis always a great gift. They’re also a great choice because even momswho never end up using them for public nursing will find other uses forthem (like pumping in the car!). I always gift this to new moms andfind that they are always really happy because they are not onlyuseful, but also so pretty.

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Teething Bling by SmartMom isfunky & functional jewelry your baby can safely bite, for moms& grandmas who will be cuddling their 3-12 month olds. I’ve giftedthis to four people, all of whom gushed their thanks!

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Nursing moms

L’ovedbaby’s 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl is a stylish, discreet, comfortable and easy to pack in a diaper bag. The perfect cover up when you need it.

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For the bagaholic fashionista mommy


A Joyababy diaper clutch freesup her entire bag wardrobe for daily use. No more dragging along adedicated diaper bag when she can still use all of her favorites withthis handy and attractive clutch tucked inside.

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Grandma loves to show off photos of their grandbaby. She’ll love this sweet pouch for carrying photos of her granddaughter or grandson. If she doesn’t mind loading the pages of a mini-album, the birdie and garden brag books are also cute.

Available at giggle.com.

You say club soda and I say seltzer. No matter what you call it, the over fifty crowd will love this countertop device from Sodaclub that instantly turns ordinary tap water into their favorite sparkling beverage.


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