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Here are some of our favorite CDs and videos for kids.

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Oneof the cutest CD’s we own is called NameYour Tune and it is basically a personalized compilation of children’smusic. Kids hear their name more than 80times during 14 recognizable songs. For example,the classic "Old MacDonald had a farm…" becomes “Little Catie had afarm…” Name Your Tune alsoincludes personalized versions of Wheels on the Bus, If You’re Happy and YouKnow It, The ABC’s and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.


They also sell other personalized products like fleece blankets from Admiral Road, wood stools, name chains and boxes from My Woodness Me, and Nameography photo art.


Songs for the Coolest Kids, performed by husband and wifeteam Katie O’Sullivan and Steve Borne (better known as Princess Katie and RacerSteve), is full of catchy tunes with a positive undertone. Songs like Sid theBully, Worrying is Boring and Tell the Truthare not only funny, but also sendout the kind of message that you’ll want kids to hear. The music isdone really well (if you didn’tlisten to the lyrics you wouldn’t think it was music designedspecifically forkids) and Princess Katie has a great voice. PLUS their new album, Fast& Feisty, will be released just in time for the holidays.



There is just something beautifully pure about You Are My Little Birdby Elizabeth Mitchell. Elizabeth Mitchell’s voice is folk-y and prettyand her songs are beautiful. I absolutely ADORE her rendition of BobMarley’s Three Little Birds. Everyone I gift with this CD raves aboutit and it’s in constant rotation in my car and on my iPod! I’ll evenadmit that I listen to it sometimes when my child isn’t even around,it’s a great CD to mellow out to.


A Duck in New York City by Connie Kaldor is fun and playful with somevery silly songs that my child and I love. I like a good goofy CD everynow and then, one that makes you laugh a little at the lyrics andcompletely entertains you. I even find that the songs stick in my headlong past listening time, and not in annoying way!


For those of us who grew up with The Muppets, Muppet Show: Music Mayhem& More – 25th Anniversary Collection is a treat, and for those whodidn’t a great introduction! It’s packed with 27 tracks, and featuresmost of the most popular songs Kermit, Gonzo, Ms. Piggy and crew evercrooned. What better way to spend your time with your little one thenwith a trip down your own memory lane?


Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster are just some of the classic SesameStreet characters who pop up on Sesame Street Platinum: All TimeFavorites. It features classic Sesame Street songslike Rubber Ducky and The People In Your Neighborhood.


The earthy feel of Animal Playground by Putumayo Kids makes it acomplete homerun. Each song is fun and bright and gives kids some worldbeats to bop their heads to. ‘No More Monkeys’ is quite possibly themost rousing rendition I’ve ever heard!



We’re fans of the Signing Time DVDsso I’m psyched about the second series. Just released in September,Series Two teaches children of all abilities fun, useful AmericanSign Language (ASL) vocabulary-building signs. In addition to itssignature clever animation and new original songs from co-founderRachel Coleman, Signing Time!, Series Two includes several new learningmodules that not only put children’s ASL vocabulary to work but enhancetheir overall learning, communication, self-confidence, and verbalskills. Even if your kid is verbal, it helps enhance their skills plusit’s fun and interactive.

If you have the kind of toddler who likes to stare at himself in the mirror or watch herself on TV, MeMoviesare the perfect gift. I think you’ll be as surprised as I was by howwell children respond to these movies where they are the maincharacter. Really, any kid up until around second-grade would lovethese.

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