2007 Favorite Celebrity Pregnancies: Mom-to-be #4

We have begun our countdown of the top 10 celebrities who announced their pregnancies this year, but are yet to give birth.

It seems like Hollywood babies are born everyday, and although they are all very special to their parents, only a few are born into instant celebrity. While they are pregnant, their every move and action is watched closely over by the public. For this reason, we bring you the top #10 women who announced their pregnancies in 2007 and will give birth next year.

We asked Celebrity Baby Blog Readers to nominate their favorites and then had you vote — over 2,500 of you responded! Over the next 10 days, we will present you with these 10 moms-to-be.

Continue reading to see who expectant mom #4 is.

Your pick for the #4 celebrity mom-to-be is Jennifer Lopez.

Singer Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony, confirmed that they are expecting their first child together, last month. While it is wildly speculated upon as to whether it is a boy or girl or even twins, we are yet to know. They confirmed the pregnancy at the final concert on their tour. Jennifer continued with her show and then it had to be explained how costume alterations had to be made. Either JLo was eating too many cheeseburgers or she was pregnant…It seemed the latter became more obvious — especially with Jen’s announcement and Marc kissing her belly. The couple look forward to welcoming their baby/babies next year and we certainly look forward to meeting him/her/them.

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