1154 LILL Studio Bags: When any old bag won't do!

I love accessories, bags and shoes in particular. And several years ago I was introduced to 1154 LILL Studio. The concept is simple and yet great. You select the bag shape and then the fabrics you want. The options are almost endless and in the end you have a bag that’s literally all your own. The bags are excellently crafted and hold up to lots of abuse. The prices are reasonable, says the girl who pays a pretty penny for bags, and come in practical sizes that anyone could love. You can order online at www.1154lill.com or if they have a representative in your area throw a party yourself and see the fabrics in person, this is the way to go if you can, as some fabrics will wow you in person.

I threw a party back in December and ordered two bags.

The first bag I bought was a Donna (left, $185), it’s huge and magnificent and I wanted one so bad I could taste it. I was able to put together a bag that I think looks amazing. I used White out Branches as the main body fabric. Rosita as the top and base and Dotted Tuxedo as the straps. It has four pockets on the inside for things like phones and iPods and a zippered pocket to seal away items. It holds everything, snacks, diaper changing kits, extra diapers and all my gadgets brilliantly!

The second was a Drea ($128) a beautiful reversible bag that I had tons of fun coordinating — I came up with two different looks to balance things out. I did Walnut Faux Suede for the handle, interior pocket and topaccent and Deco Ivy on the outside and Raspberry Truffle on the inside.

1154 LILL isn’t a line for just mere mortals, both Mariska Hargitay and Jennifer Garner were gifted with Diana bags to celebrate the births of their children. Other celeb fans are Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Hudgens, Drew Barrymore, Venus Williams and Carrie Underwood. Click here to see what bags and designs the celebs coveted.

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