10Grain Kids Small Paul by Paul Frank Collection

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – we’re Paul Frank freaks around here. Which is why we were beyond excited about the 10Grain Kids Small Paul by Paul Frank collection that brings our favorite monkey and some fabulous kids furniture together in a perfect mod marriage.

10 Grain Kids is known for their simple, clean lined, practical pieces. The collection is well rounded with chairs, tables, a small desk, ride on scooter, and a step stool. But my two favorite pieces are the Log Rocker ($215) which accommodates one to two children on a trip to the moon or treasure island, and the Julius Pad ($199) which is part nightstand and part action filled dollhouse. All the the pieces in the 10grain collection are carefully crafted, multi-functional and sure to stir the imagination.

We’re also super excited about these removable, repositionable Vinyl Wall Spots ($68). They promise to fill any room with plenty of monkey business, and without damaging the surfaces. My son will be getting some of these monkeys jumping on his bed frame, as well as decorating his walls.

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