Writer and mom-of-two Amy Tara Koch shares her fave list of apps to help you plan your next family getaway

Whether you hit the beach or visit a foreign city, family travel can be really fun. But the preparatory process (scouting, booking and keeping track of all the details) is often more than overwhelming.

This is something frequent globetrotter (and mom-of-two!) Amy Tara Koch knows all too well. Thankfully, the busy writer is more than happy to share a list of her fave apps that will help you score deals and organize every aspect of your getaway so you can focus on what’s important — quality time with your brood. Check them out below:

Family Travel Apps

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Trip It Once you forward your confirmation emails, this handy app merges all of your travel plans into a comprehensive itinerary so each and every detail is in one place that can be easily accessed online or from your mobile device.

Trail Wallet It keeps track of your daily budget by tabulating every expense and taking pictures of the receipts.


Gate Guru It serves as a roadmap of your designated airport by outlining gate numbers, flight delays, meal options and even last minute souvenir options. It’s a dream for multi-tasking moms.


MetrO Avoid the confusing fold-out maps of yore and navigate public transportation in over 400 cities with your mobile device. Just download the cities you need and search your route by subway, bus, tram, railway. Bonus: you don’t even need an Internet connection after you’ve installed it.

iTranslate No parlez -vous francais? No problem! This app allows you to effortlessly translate more than 60 languages. And the text-to-speech feature offers the correct pronunciation of words and phrases. It’s also a fun activity to share with the kids on your foreign adventure.

Trip Advisor’s City Guides Compiles all the information and reviews (best restaurants, hotels, attractions and more!) of a select destination available from Tripadvisor.com. You’ll even find step-by-step instructions on how to take a self guided tour. The best part? All up-to-date info is stored within the app so there are no data roaming charges.


Hotel Tonight For the spontaneous traveler, this app allows last minute room bookings at up to 70 percent off listed prices. It’s simple and secure by way of smartphone.

Kayak Discount outlet for hotels, flights, car services and more. When you start planning your trip, you can set up price alerts to be delivered to your phone.


Skype Save money on long distance calls and use this free service to contact family and friends.

WhatsApp Messenger This cross-platform mobile messaging app allows one to essentially text for free by tapping into the same Internet plan that you use for email and web browsing. Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.