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Paul Rudd attends Marvel Studios' “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania"
Paul Rudd Says His Kids 'Don't Care' He's' Ant-Man' : 'Nor Should They' leahremini's profile picture leahremini Verified Last night was Sofia’s senior prom. Senior year is filled with exciting milestones but it doesn’t make it any less sad for parents when we wonder how time flew by so fast. Angelo and I couldn’t be prouder of the young woman Sofia is becoming. But I need this process to slow down. Edited · 37w
Leah Remini Says She and Husband Angelo Are 'More of a Mess Now' After Daughter Returns to College praisethelourd's profile picture praisethelourd Verified ✨🐣✨TFW you finally leave the house for the first time in 942 years and your baby miraculously sleeps through dinner and you get to feel like a semi human for a sec?! And you get to have a fancy drink that comes out of a fancy smoky chamber?!? #whoa #swipe4proof Big shout out to our ✨sponsors✨ for making this night possible #myboobs @uppababy @hatchgal @swaddleme @coterie #austensrockingskillz jk I’m #notacoolenoughmom for a #momsponsorship but shout out to me for putting on #heels and wearing #mascara oh and in other news the #parentsnightout #hashtag is back I know you guys missed it oh and swipe for an #oddmirrorselfie of me with a #diaper oh and you’re welcome for this #unnecessarilylongcaption #longcaptionlonglife 7h
Billie Lourd Jokes About Leaving the House 'for the First Time in 942 Years' for Dinner with Baby and Husband