April 12, 2018 02:05 PM

Zayn Malik is back and better than ever.

The former One Direction member, 25, called into BBC Radio 1 on Thursday to chat about his new single, “Let Me,” and how his music has matured since his boy band days.

“I think my confidence has definitely grown in the last year and a half, just working on a lot of personal issues,” Malik told deejay Nick Grimshaw. “Me leaving the band and really not knowing what was going on for a while. Just putting out a record and not really being as prominent as I wanted to be.”

He continued, “But this time around I feel like I am more confident and I really believe in what’s going on, so I want to convey that to my fans and the audience listening.”

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

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In “Let Me,” Malik sings about promising to be faithful to a woman forever, but he probably won’t be spilling who the song is about. (He recently split with Gigi Hadid after over two years of dating.)

“It’s not always the wisest thing to do,” he said about letting people know when he’s written about them. “It just complicates things a bit so I have tended not to do that anymore. I just keep it to myself.”

In the past, the singer admitted he’s only told someone when they’re in the middle of a tiff.

“I’ll be having a conversation with somebody, maybe a little argument with them and then throw it in their face: ‘Well, I wrote that song about you so see you later,’ ” he said with a laugh.

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Zayn Malik
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Malik also revealed that he’s gearing up to go on tour, something he skipped after releasing his debut album Mind of Mine due to anxiety issues.

“For a long time I’ve struggled with, ‘Where is Zayn as a performer?’ I don’t want [my show] to be too eccentric or out there, because I’m not that kind of ­personality,” he told Billboard in November. “I’m quite a reserved person, and I feel like [the vibe of that session] sort of fits me and what I want to do onstage.”

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