The new gig also appears to be an advertising or marketing campaign per a recent Instagram post

By Claudia Harmata
January 14, 2020 01:05 PM

Yung Joc is looking to be a better role model for young fans.

The 36-year-old rapper went viral over the weekend when some women captured a video of him as their rideshare driver with the new service, Pull Up N Go in Atlanta, Ga. — and Yung Joc is now setting the record straight for why he’s taken up the side hustle.

“So I’m a part of this organization for about 25 years, Big Brother Big Sister, and a lot of times, when we’re talking to these kids, you gotta lead by example,” the “It’s Going Down” rapper, who’s real name is Jasiel Amon Tucker Robinson, told TMZ in a video on Tuesday.

“Sometimes you gotta show people that you’re not too big, you have to show them what humility is, and you’re not too big to do the right thing, like making an honest living,” he added. “I think a lot of the time our kids, and even adults, go astray because they’re too ashamed too prideful to do something.”

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On Monday, The Shade Room shared the full clip of Yung Joc being discovered as a driver. While one of the women teased him by saying he must have “fell off” to need the extra income, Yung Joc maintained in the clip that it was just an “easy way to make some easy money.”

He also shared his new gig with his followers on Instagram, writing: “Anybody need a ride to @boogalouatl today for #alluresundays🍾 ???? I know they gonna hate but somebody wanna get wasted and get to their next destination safe & sound. Download the app and I just might #pullupngo @pugorides.”

In his video to TMZ, the rapper also encouraged others thinking about joining a rideshare service for extra income.

“It was one of those things where you sort of challenge yourself to do something you ain’t ever did before,” he said of his own choice to try the gig. “For anybody who really wants to do this, I think it’s a dope idea. I mean look, I’m doing it right now.”

Yung Joc
Paras Griffin/WireImage

While Yung Joc may maintain his new job is rooted in setting a good example for kids, it also appears to be an advertising or marketing campaign, as his latest post encourages his followers to choose Pull Up N Go over other competing rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

“If you know anybody that wants to make some extra money tag them in this!!!! Why give @uber or @Lyft 20%-30% of your earned income when you can just pay $39.99 for the week and keep all your money👀? @pugorides,” he shared.

Several fans and famous friends have voiced their support for Yung Joc and his new side job, which the club owner said has been surprising.

“The most phenomenal part of this whole experience, from this going viral, is the amount of support that I’m like ‘Whoa,'” he said. “Because I just thought ‘Oh man, they’re gonna roast me,’ but no.”

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Fellow rapper Snoop Dogg commented on the video shared by The Shade Room, writing, “Hustlers hustle 🔥💪🏾.”

“I like how he handled that cuz they was def tryna clown him,” JoJo Simmons wrote, referencing the woman who recorded him as their driver. “How you gon clown somebody for making money? 🤦🏾‍♂️.”

Meanwhile, several fans on Twitter also shared their approval, sticking up for the rapper against critics making fun of him.

“Y’all clowning Yung Joc for driving Uber lets me know that don’t know anything about anything. He is a media personality in Atlanta on the hottest radio station,” one fan wrote. “Driving Uber is a great way to connect to your city.”

Another added, “yall laugh at yung joc for doing what he gotta do to take care of himself & his family. yall some weirdos.