5 Things to Know About XYLØ, the Vocals Behind The Chainsmokers' 'Setting Fires'

Brother-sister duo XYLØ performed the vocals for The Chainsmokers' track "Setting Fires"


XYLØ’s indie-pop beats are sure to spark your fire.

Chase and Paige Duddy, who just rounded up a nationwide tour with The Naked and Famous and produced the vocals for the Chainsmokers‘ hit “Setting Fires,” became an internet sensation before they even had one single track.

Here are five things you need to know about the brother-sister duo:

1. They set the bar high in the Chainsmokers track “Setting Fires.”

There isn’t a song The Chainsmokers release that doesn’t instantly turn into a hit, and Chase says XYLØ feels “really lucky” to have landed the vocals for “Setting Fires,” a track off the DJ duo’s five-track EP, Collage.


“It’s been great,” he continues. “There’s been a lot of great things that have happened for us and a lot of great people we’ve surrounded ourselves with. We feel super blessed for everything that’s going on and we’re just looking forward to this next year.”

While a headlining tour is still up in the air at this point, Paige says fans can expect new singles from XYLØ coming soon, as well as a performance at Shaun White’s snowboarding competition and music festival, Air + Style, in Los Angeles in February.


“We have a ton of music coming out,” she says, having just released their latest single “Get Closer” in December. “We’ve been writing every day and working on new music. Touring was amazing for me and I’m really excited to do it again.”

2. The Jenner sisters’ fans heavily influenced the formation of XYLØ.

Before XYLØ, Chase signed on to produce and record the instrumentals for Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s PacSun advertisements. But what’s a song without vocals?

“Chase asked me as a favor to sing on a couple of his songs and then we ended up writing a couple things together for the advertisements,” Paige says of how the journey began. “One of them was a 2014 PacSun ad for the Kendall and Kylie Jenner line.”

She adds, “The song — which was a 40-second or minute-long demo of our song ‘America’ — got a good reaction on YouTube with really positive comments, and people were hitting us up on social media, but we weren’t really big on social media and didn’t use it much because we weren’t familiar with how music traveled on the Internet.”

While Chase and Paige did have big dreams of becoming a band down the line, the fact that their track received nearly one million hits in just two weeks put them on the fast track to joining forces and getting more music out, pronto.

“We wanted to start a band, but we were just taking it at our own pace up until that,” says Paige, who initially grew up with a fashion career on her mind. “That’s when we started planning and talking about when we were gonna put out the song, artwork, talking to managers and really started to think about building a team once that came out.”

3. They’re not afraid to get political.

With lyrics that are inspired by “personal experiences,” XYLØ’s debut track “America” is a love song that Paige used as a form of self-expression to stress her frustrations towards the laws that were attempting to separate her and her boyfriend.


“‘America’ was a personal experience I went through with my boyfriend, who’s from England, so that’s about a country that’s forcing two people apart because of immigration laws,” Paige says about the track, which has more than 2 million views on SoundCloud.

4. Music runs in their family.

“Our grandfather, Joe Porcaro, is a session percussionist and drummer, and he’s a jazz drummer, as well,” Chase says about his grandfather, who happened to reside in the home next door to where Paige and Chase were growing up and had a studio in his home. “He kind of got his sons into it, who are our uncles. They were in a rock band and were professional songwriters and session musicians, so we grew up around it.”


He continues about his mother’s hidden talent: “Our mom is a pretty dope drummer when she plays, which is like once a decade, but she definitely has it in her for sure.”

5. They have music in common, but their other interests couldn’t be more different.

Paige’s Instagram bio says it all: “50% Golden Retriever, 50% XYLØ.”


“I’m a dog whisperer on the side,” Paige says about who she loves to spend the most time with when she gets a break from putting out her feminine vocals. “I have one dog right now. He’s a Chihuahua and his name is Meemz. He’s like 100-years-old and he’s gonna outlive us all.”

But, as a drummer, Chase opts to keep his arms going.

“I love golfing, but I never find the time to go,” he says. “I’ve also been starting to go to this little indoor rock-climbing place. I went last night with a bunch of high school buddies. It sounds so silly, but it’s the best workout ever — literally every single muscle in my body is sore right now.”

“And I love hanging out with my family,” the first-time father continues. “We have a little boat on a lake behind our house we go out on whenever we can and just go to dinner on it.”

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