Les Twins' Laurent and Larry Bourgeois on Jennifer Lopez: We 'Didn't Want to Let Her Down'

The Parisian brothers Les Twins crowned World Of Dance champions  

World of Dance champions Les Twins recently opened up to PEOPLE Now about what it was like to perform before dance royalty: Jennifer Lopez.

The sensational French duo took home the title (and the $1 million prize) on Tuesday, edging out Minnesota native Eva Igo by two-tenths of a point.

In their interview with PEOPLE Now, Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois— who’ve worked with superstar icons like Beyoncè —revealed what it was like to take tips from Lopez.

“The meeting with J.Lo was fantastic. She knows how to make you feel really comfortable,” Larry said. Added Laurent, “It feels like we knew her for a while.”

The brothers talked about some of the mishaps they faced during the show, including sibling quarrels, Laurent’s “trouble” with his leg and general anxiety the Les Twins had about the competition. But their admiration for Lopez made it so they didn’t want to “let her down.”

Larry stressed that although her primary role on the show is to deliver critiques, she was still very aware of all the difficulties and challenges that dancing artists can encounter, and her commentary led him to feel like he had to “prove something” to the “If You Had My Love” singer.

“I’m the dancer, you’re the dancer too, so don’t mess with me,” Larry said of J.Lo’s coaching style. “I feel like I had to represent her.”

World of Dance - Season 1
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World of Dance - Season 1
World of Dance - Season 1
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Laurent echoed that sentiment with a simple admission: “I didn’t want to let her down.” Added Larry, “She believed she would find the best dancer in the world and we did want to show her the truth.”

The Parisian dancers just released their single, “What Happened,” on iTunes earlier this week.

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