Wolfgang Van Halen on His Mom Valerie Bertinelli's Support and Their 'Sarcastic' Sense of Humor

"I think we both like to find humor in the absurd," Bertinelli tells PEOPLE about her son. "This world is a seriously crazy place and it's easier to get through it by finding it funny and absurd"

No one like mom to get through the hard times.

Speaking to PEOPLE in this week's issue, Wolfgang Van Halen opened up about his tight-knit relationship with his mother Valerie Bertinelli and how the grief following the death of his father Eddie brought them even closer together.

"My girlfriend and I pretty much go over to my mom's house every day to see her and play with her cats that we love," the 30-year-old musician tells PEOPLE.

"I think a lot of people don't understand how sarcastic our relationship is," he adds. "One time, she burnt onion rings. And it's like, she has a cooking show, so I just made fun of her for it. I asked her if I could post it. We get in GIF battles all the time on Twitter. Sarcasm is a language, And that's how we communicate!"

valerie bertinelli and wolfie van halen
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And Bertinelli — who was married to the late Eddie Van Halen for 25 years — couldn't be prouder of her son.

"Besides the fact that he is ridiculously talented, I'm most proud of his kindness and thoughtfulness," the 61-year-old actress tells PEOPLE. "I think we both like to find humor in the absurd. This world is a seriously crazy place and it's easier to get through it by finding it funny and absurd. Sometimes laughing is better than crying."

It's a shared sentiment for Wolfgang, who says "he inherited his sense of humor" from both of his parents.

"Big time," he says. "And a lot of that self-deprecation certainly comes from both of them."

"People are very quick to remind me that I look like both my parents, which I have to tell them, it's like, 'Wow, science. Who'd have guessed it?'" he quips. "But yeah, I'm certainly a combination of both my parents. That's for sure."

wolfgang van halen
Koury Angelo

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Despite being raised by famous parents like his own, Wolfgang says Eddie and Bertinelli gave him a "really great, normal childhood."

"My mom did a really good job at grounding me in my childhood," he says. "It felt completely normal. It wasn't lavish or insane. I think she did a really good job of balancing that fame aspect of both of my parents' lives and gave me a really great, normal childhood."

And part of growing up with her parents was taking in the important lessons they taught him. Eddie's best advice? "If you ever make a mistake, do it twice so everybody thinks you meant to do it."

"He was my biggest champion, other than my mom," he adds.

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