Watch Wolfgang Van Halen Play Every Instrument in His Band's Hilarious New Music Video

The two new tracks — "Don't Back Down" and "Think It Over" — are on the tracklist for Mammoth WVH's self-titled debut album dropping in June

He's doing it all!

On Friday, Wolfgang Van Halen — under band Mammoth WVH — released two new tracks: pop-rock single "Think It Over" and guitar solo-filled "Don't Back Down," along with an accompanying music video.

The hard rock track's video gives an inside look at what it's like for Van Halen to record his tracks all on his own. The video follows the 30-year-old as he walks into the studio with two other instrument-playing versions of himself.

As they all take their spots, they're waiting for one more Wolf: Wolf the drummer.

Wolf Van Halen
Travis Shinn

"Where's Wolf?" asks Wolf on the guitar, before drummer Wolf walks in late. "Sorry, sorry! I'm here, I'm here... Waiting on you guys!"

The band — comprising now of Wolf on guitars, vocals, bass and the drums — perform "Don't Back Down" for two studio producers, who also happen to be Wolf.

"Perfect! That was money. Come on in," producer Wolf tells the band before turning to the other producer Wolf to say, "Holy s—, that was terrible. We can fix that right?"

The new hard rock track and "Think It Over," which showcases Mammoth WVH's versatility with its softer, pop-rock vibe, follow up previously released tracks "You're to Blame" and "Distance," which Van Halen wrote for his late father Eddie.

Last month, Van Halen went on Today to perform "Distance" and spoke about what it's like to write, produce and perform his own music.

"A normal band would have a guitar player, a bass player, a drummer and the singer and I'm the one doing all of that," he said on TODAY. "Everything you hear is a bunch of me's playing at the same time."

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